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New MICHELIN Star Restaurants Shine in The MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo 2024 Selection

With 3 new Two Star restaurants and 7 new One Star restaurants, the 2024 MICHELIN Guide makes a bright relaunch in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Michelin is pleased to present the new restaurant selection in the MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo 2024. Being the first updated release after a 3-year pause, the 2024 edition of the Guide, officially unveiled at a special Ceremony sponsored by the city of Rio de Janeiro and held at the iconic Copacabana Palace, recommends a total of 140 restaurants, of which 60 are newly added or promoted within the selection.

Out of the total number, 6 restaurants are awarded Two MICHELIN Stars – of which 3 are newly awarded, 15 receive One MICHELIN Star – of which 7 are newly awarded – and 37 are highlighted with a Bib Gourmand – of which 12 are newly awarded. Thirty-eight restaurants offering high quality cuisine are also added to the selection for the very first time.

For the first time in Brazil, the MICHELIN Green Star celebrates the outstanding eco-friendly commitments of 3 role model establishments.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide, comments: "We are absolutely delighted to present the new restaurant selection of The MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo. After a few years' on pause the Guide is back and our inspectors had the immense pleasure of returning to Brazil to rediscover the gastronomic offerings of both cities. From restaurants faithful to their Brazilian roots to those featuring more innovative concepts or international cuisines, they were won over by the many new establishments they added to their selection.

They also noted the remarkable progress made by top-tier restaurants - as evidenced by the awarding of Two MICHELIN Stars to no fewer than three new establishments - as well as the growing commitment to sustainable gastronomy, with three role model restaurants receiving a MICHELIN Green Star - the first time this distinction has been awarded in Brazil."

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo at a glance:

140 recommended restaurants of which:

  • 6 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants (3 newly awarded)
  • 15 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (7 newly awarded)
  • 37 Bib Gourmand restaurants (12 newly awarded)
  • 3 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants (awarded for the first time)
  • 82 selected restaurants (38 newly added)
© luizfilipe/Instagram
© luizfilipe/Instagram

Three restaurants newly awarded with Two MICHELIN Stars

With three restaurants newly receiving Two MICHELIN Stars, the MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo 2024 doubles the number of restaurants in this category, making a total of six.

Evvai, São Paulo
Evvai reflects chef Luiz Filipe Souza's passion for food, life, art and nature. Diners are offered a single tasting menu which includes very colorful and tasty dishes imbued with both Brazilian and Italian influences, creating a fusion of both cultures, to the delight of the most discerning guests.

Lasai, Rio de Janeiro
Going to Lasai, which only has 10 seats, is like attending a theater where the kitchen is the main protagonist. Chef Rafa Costa e Silva constantly interacts with diners through a surprise modern tasting menu. It begins with a variety of appetizers, and includes outstanding vegetarian dishes cooked to perfection and based around seasonal organic ingredients from their organic gardens in Itanhangá and Vale das Videiras.

Tuju, São Paulo
At the new Tuju, located in a three-story building, everything has been designed by and for gastronomy, with each floor of the building being dedicated to one part of the dinner. In the kitchen, chef Ivan Ralston combines seasonal Brazilian produce and flavors (especially from São Paulo) with the most contemporary European techniques. The tasting menu reflects the chef’s focus on creativity and research, and each composition is determined by the weather conditions in each individual season.

In addition to these three novelties enriching the Two Stars selection, the MICHELIN Inspectors have been impressed by the continuous consistency of D.O.M. (São Paulo), Oro (Rio de Janeiro) and Oteque (Rio de Janeiro) in delivering exceptional experiences. They all retained their Two MICHELIN Stars.

© Tomás Rangel/San Omakase Room
© Tomás Rangel/San Omakase Room

One MICHELIN Star highlights 7 new restaurants 

The 2024 MICHELIN Guide presents 7 restaurants newly awarded One MICHELIN Star, of which 6 are located in São Paulo and 1 in Rio de Janeiro. This brings the total number of restaurants distinguished with One MICHELIN Star to 15. The seven new restaurants are:

Fame Osteria, São Paulo
This modest and discreetly located restaurant, run by chef Marco Renzetti, has a fascinating history as it started out as an illegal bar before quickly becoming a place of pilgrimage for food-lovers. The tasting menu is based on classic Italian cuisine, with outstanding homemade pasta and memorable risottos. An additional peculiarity is the usage of the grill, which plays a decisive role in many dishes.

Kazuo, São Paulo
Chef Kazuo Harada embarks diners on a culinary journey that takes them to Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and even India. One of the features that particularly sets it apart from other Asian restaurants in the city is the chef’s ability to create a common thread in dishes that aim to introduce gourmets to the unique attributes of Pan-Asian cuisine. The “à la carte menu” with a wide range of sushi, sashimi, niguiris, makis, or temakis is complemented by an Omakase menu, which is only served at the gastronomic bar. 

Kuro, São Paulo
In this Japanese restaurant, chef Henry Miyamo offers a unique Omakase menu served at the counter. Here, the famous Binchō -tan grill, which endows a very special flavor to dishes, plays a key role, as reflected in the perfectly crafted grilled sushi.

Murakami, São Paulo
Extrovert chef Tsuyoshi Murakami, who runs his eponymous restaurant, takes his guests on a gastronomic journey through two menus: the “Experiência Sushi”, which he creates personally; and the “Experiência Murakami”, featuring a delicious mix of appetizers, sushi, sashimi, tempura, and a Wagyu main course. For dessert, delicate Motchis made by the chef’s son at Motchimu, provides a perfect conclusion to the meal.

Oizumi Sushi, São Paulo
By naming his restaurant Oizumi Sushi, chef Danilo Maciel wanted to pay tribute to the Japanese city with the highest concentration of Brazilian immigrants. Here, the only option is a single 16-course Omakase menu that is meticulously prepared with fresh fish of the day, as well as a selection of other delicacies that the chef matures in a special cabinet located in the restaurant to ensure maximum flavor.

San Omakase Room, Rio de Janeiro
In this intimate restaurant, located in the exclusive neighborhood of Leblon, chef André Nobuyuki Kawai seeks to show Japanese hospitality at its best. Therefore, in addition to the gastronomic concepts associated with an Omakase menu, guests can enjoy the extraordinary singularity of Japanese culture in the very professional service.

Tangará Jean-Georges, São Paulo
Located in the luxurious Palácio Tangará hotel, Tangará Jean-Georges is overseen by prestigious French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and managed by resident chefs Filipe Rizzato and Neusi Machado. They offer serious international cuisine featuring contemporary dishes that focus first and foremost on delicacy and pure flavors. The à la carte menu, with specific sections dedicated to caviar, raw dishes and vegetarian and vegan options, is complemented by two tasting menus (one of which is vegetarian).

© Rubens Kato/Tuju
© Rubens Kato/Tuju

The MICHELIN Green Star makes its debut in Brazil

Just like the famous Stars in the MICHELIN Guide restaurant selection, indicating establishments that offer excellent culinary experiences, the MICHELIN Green Star, launched in 2020 worldwide, is intended to honor trailblazing restaurants that are committed to more sustainable gastronomy.

These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments – and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Three restaurants, all located in São Paulo, are awarded the MICHELIN Green Star for the very first time in Brazil. A Casa do Porco controls the entire food chain, from the field to the table, with its own free-range herds of Brazilian pig breeds (Sorocaba, Plau, Canastra, Caruncho and Pereira), all raised using sustainable techniques. Corrutela works with organic produce from local farmers as well as sustainably sourced fish and meat, and produces its flour in its own mill. In addition to recycling, reusing rainwater and composting, Tuju uses seasonal produce from local small holders, mainly from the state of São Paulo, and has a research center which aims to give visibility to producers who work in a fair, ethical and sustainable way.

©Mario Rodrigues/Capim Santo
©Mario Rodrigues/Capim Santo

Twelve new Bib Gourmand awards for value for money

Within the MICHELIN Guide selection, the Bib Gourmand highlights restaurants that stand out for their excellent value for money. Often regarded as the top tips by MICHELIN Guide Inspectors, Bib Gourmand restaurants are particularly appreciated by gourmets looking for affordable meals, without compromising on the quality of produce and cuisine.

With 12 new additions to the selection, the total number of restaurants awarded a Bib Gourmand reaches a total of 37 establishments. Among the newly acclaimed restaurants, two are located in Rio de Janeiro – Brota and Sult – whereas all the others are based in São Paulo: A Baianeira - MASP, Capim Santo, Cora, Cuia, Feriae, Kotori, Mocotó Vila Laopoldina, Nomo, Più Higienópolis, Shihoma Pasta Fresca.

©Rubens Kato/Blaise
©Rubens Kato/Blaise

Thirty-eight restaurants newly praised by the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors for their high quality cuisine

In addition to the establishments awarded the famous MICHELIN Stars or Bib Gourmand, the MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo 2024 also recommends numerous restaurants whose quality cuisine has convinced the Inspectors. Thirty-eight restaurants are newly added to the selection, and join the 44 establishments that Michelin Inspectors continue to recommend. Specifically, of these 38 novelties, 15 are located in Rio de Janeiro and 23 in São Paulo.

Among them, there are restaurants that extol traditional Brazilian gastronomy (such as NOTIÊ or Rudä), but above all there is a wide variety of culinary proposals, with numerous options of Japanese cuisine (Haru Sushi, KANOE, Kubo Zushi, Naga, Sushi Leblon, etc.), Italian (Nelita, Paparoto Cucina, Piselli, Simone Ristorante, Vinheria Percussi, etc.), Portuguese (Henriqueta), Spanish (Izär), French (Mesa do Lado), Peruvian (Ama.zo) or Korean (Bicol).

© Rubens Kato/Tuju
© Rubens Kato/Tuju

Two MICHELIN Special Awards

In addition to recommending quality restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide honors talented professionals and remarkable teams who have particularly impressed the MICHELIN Inspectors. Two MICHELIN Special Awards were presented at the 2024 Ceremony.

MICHELIN Sommelier Award - Maíra Freire (Two MICHELIN Star restaurant Lasai, Rio de Janeiro)
At restaurant Lasai, Maíra Freire is in charge of the wine cellar. She received the MICHELIN Sommelier Award in recognition of her work and dedication, always interacting with guest to explain in an interestingly didactic way the characteristics of the wines, many natural and biodynamic, as well as all the details she takes into account when selecting them.

MICHELIN Opening of the Year Award – Two MICHELIN Star restaurant Tuju (São Paulo) 
Installed in a new location, and started only from September last year, Tuju has impressed the Michelin Inspectors with a very successful reopening. In these new facilities, which add another layer of comfort and luxury, chef Ivan Ralston has found the perfect setting to continue developing his unique culinary approach and offering exceptional experiences to guests.

© Tadeu Brunelli/Fame Osteria
© Tadeu Brunelli/Fame Osteria

All the recommendations of the MICHELIN Guide Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and mobile app.

The restaurants are joined by the MICHELIN Guide hotel selection which features the most exciting and unmissable places to stay in Brazil and around the world.

Every hotel in the MICHELIN Guide is chosen for its style, service and personality (with options for all budgets) and each can be booked directly through the MICHELIN Guide website and app.

Hero image: ©Luis Morales/Ama.zo - Pátio Higienópolis

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