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MICHELIN Guide Inspectors’ Favorite Cocktails in California

Deliciously refreshing.

Drinking on the job may be verboten for most, but for MICHELIN Guide Inspectors, a few sips are just part of the role. And while they’ve perused their fair share of wine lists, considered the finer points of whiskey, sipped tequilas and more—all in the name of research and in their thirst for the best. Herewith, the three favorite drinks that stood out this year. 

Friends Only, San Francisco
Cocktail: Contraband

“It’s a mix of Joven mezcal, citrus, black truffle and hibiscus. This was a bright, refreshing cocktail with an intriguing blend of floral and savory notes.”

Photo: Courtesy of Friends Only
Photo: Courtesy of Friends Only

Manzke, Los Angeles
Cocktail: The Passion Fruit G&T

It’s fitting that this spot took home the Cocktail Award at 2022’s California MICHELIN Guide Revelation (read more here). They’re still mixing up winners.

“This clever cocktail is infused with fruit flavor but clarified for a stunning, crystal-clear appearance.”

Photo: Courtesy of Manzke
Photo: Courtesy of Manzke

Meteora, Los Angeles
Mocktail: Comosus

“Their intriguing cocktail list can all be made as spirit-free versions, like the Comosus featuring a blend of fruit juices. Delicious!”

Photo: Courtesy of Meteora
Photo: Courtesy of Meteora

Hero image: Courtesy of Friends Only

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