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Recipe: Easy Homemade Mithai For Diwali

This Diwali, pick up a box of sweet treats from these restaurants or try this simple recipe for mithai made with love.

01 Nov 2018

Recipe: Halloween Bento

Shirley Wong, the food artist better known on Instagram as Little Miss Bento, makes a Halloween creation so boo-tiful you won’t bear to eat it.

26 Oct 2018

Recipe: A Deconstructed Wedding Cake

Surprise your guests with this simple dessert that evokes the sweetness of wedded bliss, no oven required.

25 Oct 2018
Marguerite Imbert Marguerite Imbert

Recipe: Tea Egg

The more ordinary a food appears, the more wisdom there is hidden behind the surface. Chef Kai Ho from one-Michelin-starred Taïrroir in Taipei shares his glamorous take on tea egg, the everyman of our culinary culture.

24 Oct 2018
MICHELIN Guide Taipei Editorial Team MICHELIN Guide Taipei Editorial Team

Recipe: Handmade Teochew Yellow Eel Fish Balls

These bouncy balls of fish paste can be used in braises, stir-fries and soups.

22 Oct 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Recipe: Foie Gras Terrine With Grape And Dark Chocolate Chutney

Chef Alex Phan of PORTA shows the versatility of good chocolate in a savoury dish.

11 Oct 2018

Recipe: Khai Jiao, Fluffy Thai-style Omelette

Get tips and tricks from Blue Jasmine’s Thai chef for an omelette that’s crispy on the outside, light and puffy on the inside.

01 Oct 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Recipe: Poached Rice With Garoupa In Pumpkin Broth

Simple and nutritious, this is a comforting fish porridge by Chef Mok Kit Keung of Shang Palace.

18 Sep 2018

Recipe: Home-made Kombucha

Rich in probiotics, this fizzy fermented tea is as delicious as it is great for gut health.

12 Sep 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Recipe: Linguine Vongole

Chef Tyrell Joon of House of MU shares his tips and tricks for making this simple clam pasta brimming with umami flavour.

11 Sep 2018
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