MICHELIN Guide 2019


  • 10 Columbus Circle, New York
  • 75 - 150 USD
  • Japanese
MICHELIN Guide’s Point Of View

To taste what may be the continent’s best sushi, experience the quiet, contemplative and very exclusive ceremony of Chef Masa Takayama’s omakase. Everything here carries a certain weight, beginning with the heavy wooden door and carrying through to the bill. The room of course is as unchanging and calming as a river stone, set amid blonde hinoki wood and a gargantuan forsythia tree. Yes, you’ll forget it’s on the fourth floor of a mall. Attention to detail is unsurpassed and at times it may seem like a bit much, but a reverential spirit is part of your meal here. Service displays the same smooth grace, with servers at-the-ready carrying their hot towels, fingerbowls, tea and bits of insight. Awaken the palate with a sweet chunk of hairy crab meat dressed in citrusy yuzu beneath creamy tomalley. This may be followed by the chef's signature glass coupe of minced toro and a very fine-and very generous-pile of Osetra caviar. Maine uni is downright wondrous, served in its shell with caramelized custard and paper-thin, melting sheets of white truffle. The chef's selection of sushi is unrivaled; the rice is firm and temperate, garnishes are subtle, and quality of fish is supreme.


Three Stars • Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey


Quite comfortable. Our most delightful places


75 - 150 USD

  • 1 Notable sake list
  • a Wheelchair accessible
  • E Establishment totally or partly reserved for non-smokers
  • 4 Notable cocktail list


+1 212-823-9807
Opening hours
Lunch Tue - Fri Dinner Mon - Sat

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