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MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020: a three star establishment in Berlin for the first time

With 37 new one-, two- or three-star restaurants and 23 new Bib Gourmand establishments the MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020 once again demonstrates its great culinary diversity.

The MICHELIN Guide was developed with a constant desire to promote regions and respect local know-how while highlighting the work of passionate men and women. Today, the Guide continues its mission and reveals to the world the first stage of a global project: to distinguish, through a single emblem, those chefs committed to preserving the environment.

Offered to the Bib Gourmands, Plates and Stars, this first selection of chefs unite around the same subject, ideas and methods that contribute to our awareness. For years in Germany, many chefs have developed their cuisine to nature’s rhythm, where the desire to use their creativity to transform perfectly ripened products, grown close to their brigades, is just as important as the care taken to reduce the overall environmental footprint of their establishment.

The sustainable initiatives of the first chefs identified will be detailed and highlighted on the various platforms of the MICHELIN Guide throughout the year through the creation of various content.

“The Berlin restaurant Rutz, under the direction of chef Marco MÜLLER, is awarded its third star this year”

The Berlin restaurant Rutz, under the direction of chef Marco MÜLLER, is awarded its third star this year. "The cuisine of Marco Müller and his team has developed fabulously over a short period of time. The dishes are full of finesse, with a strong identity, but are also cleverly balanced in terms of flavour. They stand out clearly because of the chef's ongoing dialogue with nature," says Gwendal Poullennec, international director of MICHELIN Guides.

Germany now has 10 restaurants distinguished at the highest level by the MICHELIN Guide for their exceptional cuisine. The announcement of the sudden closure of Germany's oldest three-star restaurant, the Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn, saddened the entire gourmet community. Gwendal Poullennec says: "The closure of the Schwarzwaldstube following a fire deeply moved our inspectors. Like many German and foreign gourmets, they are all eager to sit down again in this iconic restaurant which is a symbol of German gastronomy. "The legendary restaurant, which had been awarded the highest MICHELIN guide award since 1993, was completely destroyed in early 2020, along with the Köhlerstube, Bauernstube and the Traube Tonbach Hotel headquarters. The hotel activities of the "Traube" continue and the rebuilding of the restaurants will only be greater.

7 new restaurants are entering the 2020 edition with a second star, demonstrating the excellence of the German culinary scene. The CODA Dessert Dining restaurant in Berlin, run by chef René FRANK, delivers innovative and creative cuisine based on modern baking techniques. Two new addresses in Bavaria also join the two-star circle: Les Deux in Munich and Oberndorfer's Eisvogel in Neunburg vorm Wald. The Olivo in Stuttgart, the Gustav in Frankfurt am Main, the bianc in Hamburg and the Jante in Hanover delight their guests with high-quality and tasteful cuisine.

In total, the inspectors of the 2020 edition awarded two stars to 43 restaurants, a record in Germany.

The 29 new addresses that have been awarded a star confirm the strong position of German’s gastronomy in Europe. This development continues to be driven by talented chefs with innovative ideas. From Munich (mural and Sparkling Bistro), via Münster (Cœur d’artichaut and ferment) to Berlin (Cordo and prism), Germany delights with an attractive, high-quality, multicultural culinary scene.

In addition to a broad spectrum of culinary styles, from classic French to creative modern, from Mediterranean to regional and vegan, Germany's top restaurants are distinguished by a wide diversity of gastronomic concepts. The trend towards "Casual Fine Dining", offering high-level culinary enjoyment in a casual, relaxed atmosphere, continues unabated. The MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020 again features many top restaurants that follow this philosophy, which is particularly popular with younger diners.

This year also sees a lot of movement in the "Bib Gourmand" category. The MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020 includes 23 new restaurants with this distinction, five of which are in Berlin. This symbol points to restaurants that offer good value and well-priced cuisine: a 3-course menu for 37 euros. For the 2020 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Germany, the inspectors have awarded a total of 372 establishments with the Bib Gourmand.

The MICHELIN guide "Bib Gourmand Deutschland 2020" will be published on March 3, 2020 and will be available in bookshops from March 6, 2020 for €17.90 (€18.40 in Austria).

The 57th edition of MICHELIN Guide Germany features 524 hotels and 1,579 restaurants, including 308 starred restaurants including:
10 three-star restaurants, one of which is new;
43 two-star restaurants, seven of which are new;
255 one-star restaurants, 29 of which are new;

372 "Bib Gourmand" restaurants, 23 of which are new.

The selection is available free of charge on the new MICHELIN Guide website The print version of the MICHELIN Guide Germany 2020 will be available in bookstores from March 6 for €29.95 (€30.80 in Austria, 39 francs in Switzerland).

Please find the list of the new MICHELIN-starred restaurants here:


Rutz, Berlin (B)


CODA Dessert Dining, Berlin (B)
Gustav, Frankfurt am Main (HE)
bianc, Hamburg (HH)
Jante, Hannover (NI)
Les Deux, München (BY)
Obendorfer’s Eisvogel, Neunburg vorm Wald (BY)
Olivo, Stuttgart (BW)


Cordo, Berlin (B)
prism, Berlin (B)
Villa Linde – s’Äpfle, Bodman-Ludwigshafen (BW)
Kucher’s Gourmet, Darscheid (RP)
BjörnsOX, Dermbach (TH)
Der Öschberghof – Ösch Noir, Donaueschingen (BW)
Setzkasten, Düsseldorf (NW)
Traube, Efringen-Kirchen (BW)
Hannappel, Essen (NW)
Le Canard nouveau, Hamburg (HH)
noVA, Herrenberg (BW)
OSCARS fine dining, Hinterzarten (BW)
astrein, Köln (NW)
SeeVital Hotel Schiff – SEO Küchenhandwerk, Langenargen (BW)
mural, München (BY)
Sparkling Bistro, München (BY)
Coeur D’Artichaut, Münster (Westfalen) (NW)
ferment, Münster (Westfalen) (NW)
Alte Baiz, Neuhausen (Enzkreis) (BW)
Kesselhaus, Osnabrück (NI)
Gasthaus Jakob, Perasdorf (BY)
PAVO im Burghotel Falkenstein, Pfronten (BY)
Gourmetrestaurant Nico Burkhardt, Schorndorf (BW)
Schwingshackl ESSKULTUR Gourmet, Bad Tölz (BY)
Schloss Filseck, Uhingen (BW)
Weinstock, Volkach (BY)
THE IZAKAYA, Wachenheim an der Bergstraße (RP)
Admiral, Weisenheim am Berg (RP)
Pietsch, Wernigerode (SA)

Please find the complete list of all 308 MICHELIN-starred Restaurants here

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