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MICHELIN Guide Inspectors’ Favorite Dishes in Colorado

Innovative and delicious.

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Whether they’re wandering Boulder and Denver’s neighborhoods and streets or warming to the charms of Aspen, Snowmass, and Vail, our MICHELIN Guide Inspectors have eaten their way across some of Colorado’s top spots. Still, with thousands of meals under their (expanding) belts, these three stood out. From comfort food with a sweet kick and an old favorite with a new flair to rustic fare with a sophisticated bent, these are a few of the dishes that made a special impression this year.

Mister Oso, Denver
Dish: Crispy Coconut Rice

“Fluffy and slightly sweet, the coconut rice was almost the texture of a risotto. Served in a piping hot cast iron dish, the cast iron worked its magic so the bottom of the rice itself was perfectly crispy, and all the flavors just blended so well together from the slight sweetness of the coconut, to savory rice, to the pop of acid from the garnish; it made for a simple but ingenious dish.”

Photo: Kayla Jones/Mister Oso
Photo: Kayla Jones/Mister Oso

Bosq, Aspen
Dish: Grilled lobster

“The highlight of the evening was this petite tail, grilled over juniper branches; hot off the grill, so tender, faintly perfumed by smoke; set in a pool of slightly aerated buttermilk rippled with dill oil.”

Photo: Chef David Wang/Bosq
Photo: Chef David Wang/Bosq

The Wolf’s Tailor, Denver
Dish: Venison and its Diet

“Venison loins with matsutake, huckleberry and bitter greens. It might sound too clever by half, but it was a clean, well-executed dish whose flavors went together beautifully.”

Photo: Courtesy of The Wolf's Tailor
Photo: Courtesy of The Wolf's Tailor

Hero image: Courtesy of The Wolf's Tailor

Thumbnail: Courtesy of The Wolf's Tailor

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