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Three of the MICHELIN Guide Inspectors’ Favorite Cocktails in Mexico

A trio of sensational sips.

Drinking on the job may be verboten for most, but for MICHELIN Guide Inspectors, a few sips are just part of the role. They’ve perused their fair share of wine lists, considered the finer points of whiskey, and sipped tequila and mezcal, all in their thirst for the best. Herewith, their three favorite cocktails from Mexico.

Cocktail: Spicy Margarita

The space is striking, and the bartenders work magic with a short cocktail list that features both classics and their own mixes. The spicy margarita features a beautiful blend of pineapple juice, mezcal, and chili powder. It’s very refreshing. 

Mar de Mezcal / Atarraya
Mar de Mezcal / Atarraya

Cocina de Campo 
Cocktail: Mango Butter

Made with mezcal, chile de agua, laurel/Licor de citricos y hierbas, mango, orange syrup, lemon, and ash salt. It is so delicious! 

Oscar Garcia / Cocina de Campo by Agricole
Oscar Garcia / Cocina de Campo by Agricole

Cucumis Cocktail

An agave spirit-based cocktail made with tequila, fresh melon juice, and lime; served with a block of ice. Delightfully fruit-forward, but still a serious cocktail. 


Hero image: Ricardo de la Concha / Atarraya

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