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A Summer Vegetable Meal Kit from Chefs Neal Harden and Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The MICHELIN Guide’s CSA program in collaboration with Norwich Meadows Farm now features a special edition meal kit, just in time for peak summer.

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The most prolific growing season of the year is upon us. As summer peaks, the quantity and variety of perfectly ripe, sun-nourished fruits and vegetables at the market is reaching delicious new heights. For the latest in The MICHELIN Guide’s CSA-inspired farm box program in collaboration with Norwich Meadows Farm, Chefs Neal Harden and Jean-Georges Vongerichten of abcV restaurant have designed a meal kit comprised of summer’s best vegetables.

Thirty percent of the proceeds from each box sold will go to benefit home food delivery services like God’s Love We Deliver and Citymeals on Wheels. Support of the program also translates to support for a local network of small farms who are struggling to stay afloat as the pandemic rages on. To purchase this limited-edition box and for more details, visit Tock.

For a preview of what’s in the box and tips for how to get the most out of each ingredient, keep reading!

Each summer vegetable meal kit contains:

Cast Iron Foccacia with Cultured Sunflower Butter
Green Chickpea Hummus, Farm-Fresh Crudité
Herbal Marinated Baby Squash and Mushroom Kabobs, Spicy Pine Nut Mustard
Cauliflower Steaks, Za’atar Tahini, Red Zhug
Turmeric, Citrus, and Local Honey Tonic
Lavender Shortbread, Fresh Strawberries

To prepare and enjoy the meal kit at home:

Wash and slice crudité veggies to desired shapes and enjoy with green chickpea hummus as an appetizer while you’re preparing the rest of your meal.

Marinate the kabobs for at least 15 minutes in the herbal marinade.
Cut cauliflower into thick slices and quickly blanch in salted water for a few minutes until al dente.
Marinate cauliflower with the lemon marinade for at least a 10-15 minutes. 

Slice or pull apart focaccia and spread sunflower seed butter on to taste. Alternatively, spread butter on the bread and lightly grill.

Grill kabobs until charred and enjoy with spicy pine nut mustard.
Grill cauliflower until crispy on the outside and enjoy with tahini, lemon, and red zhug.

Give your strawberries a quick rinse and serve alongside the lavender shortbread.

Enjoy turmeric tonic two ways:
1. Restorative Tonic (add tonic to a shaker with ice and fresh mint leaves. Shake vigorously. Add a splash of seltzer to your shaker, and strain into a new glass (Zaid’s favorite).
2. Cocktail: add two parts tonic to one part tequila (shake or stir, depending on your preference for dilution). Garnish with fresh mint and a lime wedge.

Hero Image: Summer vegetable meal kit courtesy of abcV Restaurant.

Read more about The MICHELIN Guide and Norwich Meadows Farm CSA box here.

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