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Live (and Dine) Like Succession's Roy Family

You don't have to be a billionaire to try these 6 MICHELIN Guide Restaurants and Hotels featured on the hit series.

In Succession, the Roy family leaves little to emulate outside of their penchant for haute gastronomy and elegant hotels. It's evident in each episode that the characters appreciate old world hospitality with modern touches. Every space provides a sense of escapism for the show’s viewers inviting them on a billionaire's journey through life. And while this season saw much chatter over an oversized Burberry tote, the Roys know a thing or two about where to go and be seen. Below, we break down the MICHELIN Guide restaurants and hotels from the show to make you feel like a Roy (sans the corporate espionage or hostile takeovers). At least not until after a Break Bumper cocktail.

The Grill featured in Season 4, Episode 2: ‘Rehearsal’

It's fitting that the Roy children leave a heated conversation on east 52nd street, walking through the Grill’s entrance. Gliding past Warhol silkscreens in the lobby and ascending the restaurant’s iconic stairs, they spot their brother Connor’s fiancé, Willa leaving her rehearsal dinner early. 

The notion of succession is appropriate for the Grill which was formerly known as the Four Seasons and reopened in 2017 by Carbone parent company Major Food Group. Bridging old and new, the soundtrack veers from lively to jazz age with the service staff outfitted in equally timeless ensembles (think Tom Ford-designed tuxedos). And while the food is decidedly luxe—caviar, lobster, prime rib served tableside via trolley—consider it a luxe refuge with edge. 

Inspector notes: “Over in the kitchen it's all-American, with a menu of beloved classics. Crab cakes topped with pan-fried potatoes are a highlight; while crispy duck is especially indulgent, featuring shatteringly crunchy skin and silky fat gushing with flavor. For dessert, a chiffon cake layered with lemon curd and frosted with buttercream tastes of the good times gone by.”

Adrienne Gaut/The Grill
Adrienne Gaut/The Grill

Al Coro (formerly Del Posto) featured in Season 2, Episode 1: ‘The Summer Palace’

Manhattan's west side provides the wealthy elite with a multitude of ways to travel, the most obvious of which is by car on the highway. However, descending from the Hamptons by helicopter patriarch Logan, joined by second-eldest son, Kendall return to the city for some unfinished business. But it's Kendall who does the dirty work. An eerily empty 10th Avenue acts as the set before Kendall enters the former Del Posto spot on the corner of 16th street.

And while Kendall's meeting inside wasn't a winner, Del Posto's second life under Chef Melissa Rodriguez is thriving. The Two MICHELIN Star spot, Al Coro, brings a refreshing spin on Italian staples. Coupled with live music and a downstairs club, Discolo, add all the ingredients together for a major, media move. 

Inspector notes: “A meal here begins with an assortment of antipasti, including smoked ricotta and carrot sformato, and it's clear from those first few bites that this will be an experience to treasure. Pastas are a highlight, with diners choosing from such delights as culurgiones, or Sardinian dumplings.”

Photograph by Peter Kramer/HBO
Photograph by Peter Kramer/HBO

Le Coucou featured in Season 1, Episode 3: ‘Lifeboats’

Kendall takes then wife Rava to One Star Le Coucou as a last ditch effort to convince her to stay together. It's a bold move in the right spot and Kendall ups the ante by showing off his culinary acumen suggesting his wife order one of Le Coucou's signature plates, “tout le lapin.” (Literal translation: all of the rabbit). While Kendall succeeds in his seduction, he ultimately fails to resurrect his marriage.

Bold gesture or not, Kendall's choice of Le Coucou is on point. Romantic and brimming with refined charm, the space comes alive through Roman and Williams muted and modern design. And for those needing a tipple before dinner, pop by Le Coucou’s ornate bar replete with 18th century-inspired, hand-painted murals.

Inspector notes: “Le Coucou has a white-hot scene that’s equal parts classic and cool. Patrons linger late into the night enjoying exceptional service and a view of the bustling open kitchen. The menu is unapologetically French, though Chef Daniel Rose infuses his classics with a strong dose of personality. “

2019 North America/Michelin
2019 North America/Michelin

The Mark Hotel featured in Season 4, Episode 1: ‘The Munsters’

There are fewer scenes where little is said, but much happens. When Tom, Shiv's husband, sits and calls his wife at the Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges, one gets a sense that something's afoot. A walk and talk through the restaurant, then the Mark Bar and hotel’s lobby, concludes with Tom dumbfounded and on the street. While the audience is catching its breath, the small whirlwind tour of the charming and sophisticated hotel leaves us wanting more.

The Mark is a fitting venue for the Roy clan as they're both New York institutions. Evoking attentive, European-style hospitality, and detail-oriented service, each touchpoint is decidedly elevated. Individually packaged Ladurée for the Mark macaroons greet guests at turndown, while Egyptian cotton robes are as plush and soft as the Bellino linens on the bed.

Inspector notes: “While the lobby’s dazzle is classic, decked out in Deco-flavored black and white, and the rooms are as subtle as can be, there’s a certain stylishness to the Mark’s elegance, which only sneaks up slowly. The bottom line is that there’s nobody on the Upper East Side, however conventional, who’d feel that the looks, the atmosphere, or the very traditional service at the Mark would be too forward-looking to take.”

The Mark Hotel
The Mark Hotel

Want to holiday like a Roy outside of the city? Try (and book) these MICHELIN Guide Hotels featured in the series in Valldal, Norway and in Lake Placid, New York.

Juvet Landscape Hotel to be featured in Season 4

The teaser shows the Roy's journeying to Norway to meet with the tech mogul Lukas Matsson amongst a sweeping backdrop. The location? Valldal, Norway at the Juvet Landscape Hotel where panes of glass intersect with natural woods for a beautiful confluence of past and present. We like to think that the New York-Roy's will appreciate the Bath House spa and fur throws.

Notes: “The word “spectacular” barely begins to describe Juvet Landscape Hotel, an hour and a half’s drive inland along the fjords from Ålesund, Norway. From the outside these glass-and-wood cubes are stunning enough, but it’s from the inside that you begin to appreciate what it is to be a “landscape hotel” — with one or two walls made of full-length glass, each cabin takes in a truly vast forest panorama.”

Juvet Landscape Hotel
Juvet Landscape Hotel

Whiteface Lodge featured in Season 2, Episode 6: ‘Argestes’

Argestes is Succession’s answer to the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho or the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. That makes Whiteface Lodge near Lake Placid, New York the stateside answer to luxury conference accommodation. (In Switzerland we imagine the writers would have suggested the AlpenGold Hotel.) While the conference keeps the Roys mostly inside of the lodge, the property boasts endless activities regardless of season. Off-site, try your hand at nabbing gold and ski Whiteface Mountain, the site of the 1980 Winter Olympics.

Notes: “Here they all come together in a contemporary version of the Great Camps of the Adirondacks, the upstate wilderness retreats that were the height of luxury in the days before air travel. Suites at Whiteface are equipped with a bit more than the typical hotel room. Many are privately owned, as is the custom with so many new hotel developments — which means owners’-quality amenities, like fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs and in many cases full kitchens.”

The Whiteface Lodge
The Whiteface Lodge

Hero image: Photograph by Macall B. Polay/HBO

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