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MICHELIN Guide 2019
One Star • High quality cooking, worth a stop
Very comfortable
Over 75 USD
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Though this veritable jewel box deserves to have its name trumpeted in the streets, it is the epitome of serenity, sophistication and subtlety. With fewer than two-dozen seats, the space feels intimate, as if the whole show has been crafted for your benefit. Co-chefs Sam Plotnick and Don Young worked together at Les Nomades, and here at Temporis they continue to flaunt their supreme talent and collaboration. Each dish is a personal expression of their passion, vision and a clear representation of their highly intellectualized approach to cooking. Custom tables featuring hydroponic sprouts that become part of your meal can also be found cradling such delicacies as escargot with a fermented sour cherry tomato. This then sets you on a course where you’ll be surprised and delighted at every turn. Salmon in an uni broth; capellini with lobster morsels; a paper-thin biscuit with cured Mangalista pork—it's a culinary show of one intoxicating dish after the next. Ruby-red venison in a Madeira reduction is the stuff of dreams and may be tailed by decadent foie gras ice cream. A chocolate tart is poured, then solidifies around a passion fruit-filled globe for a particularly dramatic final bow.
  • a Wheelchair accessible




933 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL

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+1 773-697-4961

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Dinner Tue - Sat

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