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A Total Of 106 Eateries Earn Bib Gourmand Rating In The 2021 MICHELIN Guide Thailand

Featuring 17 new entrants, and 4 promoted from the MICHELIN Plate.

Bib Gourmand MICHELIN Guide Thailand Thailand

Ahead of the official launch of The MICHELIN Guide Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket & Phang-Nga 2021 on 16 December 2020, Michelin today unveiled the 2021 Bib Gourmand selection, whereby 106 restaurants and street food establishments are featured. Out of the total number, 65 are located in Bangkok, 20 in Chiang Mai, 21 in Phuket & Phang-Nga. This year, 17 are joining the list for the first time (9 in Bangkok, 3 in Chiang Mai, 5 in Phuket & Phang-Nga), while 4 are promoted from the MICHELIN Plate (one from each provincial territory).

The Bib Gourmand distinction, symbolized by the famed 'Bibendum’ or ‘Michelin Man’ licking his lips, recognizes eateries that offer quality cuisine carefully prepared and reasonably priced with very good value-for-money at a maximum of THB 1,000 (a three-course meal: starter, main course, and dessert – exclusive of beverage).

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of MICHELIN Guides, revealed: “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic slowdown, we would especially like to boost the morale of restaurant professionals, continue to support the culinary industry, and encourage local foodies to embark on more foodventures – of course, within the parameters of current public health guidelines. Providing a combination of quality dishes and affordable prices, the Bib Gourmand establishments serve as the ideal dining solution for budget-savvy foodies, and play a significant part in keeping Thailand’s culinary scene alive during these tough times.”

Burapa restaurant takes you on a culinary journey of Trat province. (© Burapa)
Burapa restaurant takes you on a culinary journey of Trat province. (© Burapa)

In the soon-to-be-released fourth edition of The MICHELIN Guide for Thailand, the 17 new additions to the Bib Gourmand list include: Bangkok, Burapa, a restaurant with the Orient Express theme that takes diners on a journey east-by-northeast to taste a unique, flavoursome cuisine that joins culinary elements from Isan and the province of Trat; Chang-Wang-Imm, a restaurant in a charming two-storey house built in 1957 on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, serving delicious wallet-friendly Thai cuisine that highlights traditional cooking techniques and flavours; and Phed Phed Bistro, a restaurant with the minimalist décor and wire mesh accents, focusing on comfort food made with quality ingredients; Chiang Mai, Go Neng (Wichayanon), a street food establishment that has been around for more than three decades, specializing in deep-fried dough sticks, Pa Tong Go, that boast puffy perfection and crispy texture, uniquely shaped as crocodiles, dinosaurs, dragons, and elephants; Phang-Nga, Hok Kee Lao, a Thai-Chinese restaurant beloved for decades for its delicious and affordable banquet-style food; and Tokola, a restaurant in lush gardens beside Khuekkhak beach, serving intensely-flavoured traditional and southern Thai dishes using locally sourced ingredients as well as ancient and original cooking methods; Phuket, Salaloy, a casual Rawai Beach eatery, famous for a good selection of fresh seafood on the menu that are freshly cooked to order.

Local delicacies from Charoen Suan Aek in Chiang Mai and Nai Mueang in Phang-Nga. (© Charoen Suan Aek, Nai Mueang)
Local delicacies from Charoen Suan Aek in Chiang Mai and Nai Mueang in Phang-Nga. (© Charoen Suan Aek, Nai Mueang)

The 4 restaurants promoted from the MICHELIN Plate to Bib Gourmand are: Bangkok, Somtum Khun Kan, a restaurant offering its famous Som Tam, plus a wide variety of authentic Thai and Thai-Isan dishes that are of high quality and great flavour; Chiang Mai, Charoen Suan Aek, a restaurant well known and loved in the neighbourhood by both locals and visitors for a long time, with its authentic and boldly flavoured northern Thai dishes that rely on indigenous, seasonal ingredients; Phang-Nga, Nai Mueang, an authentic Southern Thai restaurant featuring a charming retro ambience with old tin-mining memorabilia, record players, sewing machines and other nostalgic bric-a-brac; Phuket, Tu Kab Khao, an elegant, atmospheric restaurant set in a grand Chino-Portuguese building, serving tasty Southern Thai cuisine with high-quality ingredients.

“By expanding the geographical scope of this year’s selection, MICHELIN Guide inspectors found more eateries worthy of a Bib Gourmand rating. Thus, we would like to encourage local foodies to go on tasting ventures of their own, and discover by themselves – as our inspectors did – that Thailand is a true haven for good value, quality, and reasonably priced dining experience,” concluded Mr. Poullennec.

Bangkok and surrounding provinces

-100 Mahaseth 
- Ann Guay Tiew Kua Gai 
- Baan Benjarong Pai 
- Baan Phadthai 
- Baan Somtum (Sathon) 
- Baan Yai Phad Thai 
- Baannai 
- Bangkok Bold Kitchen (Central Embassy) 
- Beer Hima (Prachachuen) 
- Bokkia Tha Din Daeng 
- Bunloet (NEW)
- Burapa (NEW)
- Chai Phochana
- Chakki (NEW)
- Chang-Wang-Imm (NEW)
- Charoen Saeng Silom 
- Choy (Phuttha Monthon Sai 2) 
- Eat Pad Thai 
- Elvis Suki (Soi Yotse) 
- Go-Ang Kaomunkai Pratunam (Pratunam) 
- Grim Nguan Noodle (NEW)
- Guay Jub Mr. Joe 
- Guay Jub Ouan Pochana 
- Guay Tiew Kua Gai Suanmali (Khlang Hospital Intersection) 
- Guay Tiew Mu Rung Rueang Tung 
- Here Hai 
- Hia Wan Khao Tom Pla
- Jao Nai Fish Ball (Ekkachai)
- Jay Oh
- Jidori Cuisine Ken
- Jok Prince 
- K. Panich 
- Khanom Bueang Wan Phueng Noi (Chok Chai 4) (NEW)
- Konchong Konprung 
- Krua Apsorn (Sam Sen)
- Lai Rot (Rama 6) 
- Lay Lao (Ari) 
- Lim Lao Ngow (China Town) 
- Mae Khlong Hua Pla Mo Fai 
- Nai Mong Hoi Thod
- Nai Ngieb (Phutthamonthon Sai 4) (NEW)
- Ongtong Khaosoi 
- Pae Jok 38 Years (NEW)
- Phan Fa 
- Phed Phed Bistro (NEW)
- Plu 
- Polo Fried Chicken (Soi Polo)
- Praram 9 Kaiyang (Rama 9) 
- Ruean Panya 
- S.B.L. 
- Sa-at Sawoei (Kanchanapisek Road) 
- Sae Phun   
- Sanguan Sri 
- Sanyod (Sathon-Bang Rak)
- Sawang Bami Kam Pu (Si Phraya) 
- Siam Charming 
- Somsak Pu Ob (Charoen Rat) 
- Somtum Khun Kan (PROMOTED)
- Somyos (NEW)
- Ten Suns 
- Thai Niyom 
- The Local
- Tung Sui Heng Pochana (Stadium One) 
- Watsana Khao Man Gai 
- Weng (Woeng Nakhon Kasem) 

Chiang Mai

- Aunt Aoy Kitchen (NEW)
- Charoen Suan Aek (PROMOTED)
- Gai Yang Cherng Doi 
- Ginger Farm Kitchen 
- Go Neng (Wichayanon) (NEW)
- Han Thueng Chiang Mai 
- Huan Soontaree 
- Huen Muan Jai 
- Khao Soi Mae Manee 
- Khao Tom Yong (Suthep Road) 
- Krua Ya 
- Kuakai Nimman 
- Meena Rice Based Cuisine 
- Na Chantra 
- Rote Yiam Beef Noodle 
- Rotee Pa Day (NEW)
- Saiyut and Doctor Sai Kitchen 
- Sanpakoi Kanomjeen 
- SP Chicken 
- The House by Ginger 

Phuket & Phang-Nga

- Chomchan 
- Chuan Chim 
- Go Benz 
- Hok Kee Lao (NEW)
- Hong Khao Tom Pla 
- Khanom Chin Pa Son (NEW)
- Khok Kloi Bami Tom Yam Khai (NEW)
- Khrua Luang Then 
- Kin-Kub-Ei 
- Mor Mu Dong 
- Naam Yoi 
- Nai Mueang (PROMOTED)
- One Chun
- Raya 
- Roti Taew Nam
- Salaloy (NEW)
- Surf & Turf by Soul Kitchen 
- Ta Tuay 
- Takola (NEW)
- The Charm 
- Tu Kab Khao (PROMOTED)

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