MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 2 minutes 09 May 2024

85 restaurants shine within the 2024 restaurant selection of the MICHELIN Guide Nara

Restaurant le content is newly awarded the Bib Gourmand and 5 establishments are newly joining the selection. 22 restaurants maintained their MICHELIN Stars for outstanding culinary proposals.

Michelin is pleased to present today, the 2024 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Nara. Recommending a total of 85 restaurants – of which 5 are newly added to the selection and 1 newly received the Bib Gourmand, bringing the total of outstanding value-for-money establishments to 18. On the Star side, 4 restaurants maintained Two MICHELIN Stars and 18 One MICHELIN Star, showcasing their continuous culinary excellence. The sustainable commitments of 6 restaurants, considered as role models for the industry and food lovers, are praised with the MICHELIN Green Star.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, commented: “The central Nara area is home to many historic cultural assets and offers visitors a taste of the history and culture of the ancient capital. The nature-rich areas in the southern part of the prefecture can be enjoyed by car. The history built up by the people gives Nara's food culture a uniqueness, with 22 starred restaurants and new Bib Gourmand and Selected Restaurants. The Hotel Selection presents five accommodation options to enrich your stay in Nara. We hope you will add Nara Prefecture to your list of unforgettable food and staycation destinations.”

Yamato vegetables for speciality of Nara © Chugokusai Naramachi Kuko
Yamato vegetables for speciality of Nara © Chugokusai Naramachi Kuko

22 MICHELIN Starred restaurants maintained their Star distinctions

Showcasing consistent culinary excellence from year to year, 22 restaurants awarded MICHELIN Stars in 2023 maintained their distinction in 2024. Therefore, Nara prefecture boasts 4 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants and 18 One MICHELIN Star restaurants. Illustrating the culinary diversity of the prefecture, the Star selection spotlights Italian (Da terra and Lega '), Japanese (Tsukumo, Oryori Hanagaki, NARA NIKON, Ajinotabibito Roman, Musoan, etc), Sushi (Sushi Kawashima), French (LA TRACE, La Terrasse irisée, L 'AUBERGE DE PLAISANCE SAKURAI), Chinese (Chugokusai Naramachi Kuko) or innovative (akordu) cuisines.

© Tsukumo
© Tsukumo

18 restaurants, including one new establishment, awarded the Bib Gourmand

Within the restaurant selection, Bib Gourmand highlights establishments which stand out for their excellent value for money proposals – all offering high quality cuisine at an affordable price.

The Bib Gourmand section has also expanded, with the addition of le content. Focusing on traditional French cuisine, the restaurant is located in the city of Nara. For lunch, the chef serves courses that are tailored to guests’ tastes, when for dinner he proposes a la carte dishes. Among the specialties, gourmets can enjoy country-style pâté, braised beef cheeks in red wine sauce, Toulouse cassoulet or famous tarte tatin.

© le content
© le content

5 new Selected Restaurants join the selection

In addition to Starred and Bib Gourmand restaurants, Michelin Inspectors also recommends restaurants whose food quality is notable. To be found under the category of “Selected Restaurants”, these good restaurants are definitively adding culinary and restaurant concept diversity to the selection. This year they added 5 new restaurants to their selection, bringing the total of this kind of restaurants to 45. Four of them are located in the city of Nara: French restaurant LA PIE, which reproduces the warm atmosphere of a Parisian bistro, Italian ocu which serves simple dishes prepared over a wood fire, Chinese SHUN-GYO, and Japanese Oryori Honjo which brings the traditional Kyoto kappo cuisine to Nara. In Ikoma, Inspectors were seduced by another French restaurant: Chez Kurahashi which uses a minimal combination of ingredients to create memorable dishes.


The MICHELIN Green Star: 6 Restaurants

Celebrating the sustainable commitments of role model restaurants, which are a source of inspiration for both the whole industry and food lovers, the MICHELIN Green Star is awarded for one more year to 6 establishments: One MICHELIN Star Da terra, located in Asuka; One MICHELIN Star Chugokusai Naramachi Kuko , located in the city of Nara; Selected Restaurant Kuramoto Ryori Maruto Shoyu Kiyosuminosato AWA, AWA Naramachiten, 37+1 (Sanjuhachi) all located in the city of Nara.

© Kuramoto Ryori Maruto Shoyu
© Kuramoto Ryori Maruto Shoyu

The hotel selection of the MICHELIN Guide complements the restaurant selection in Nara and is available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. The selection showcases unique properties both in Japan and throughout the world. Every hotel in the selection has been chosen by the MICHELIN Guide for its extraordinary style, service, and personality, and they can all be booked directly via the MICHELIN Guide website and app. Some of the most prominent hotels in this selection in Japan include intimate design boutique hotels and unique establishments from the “Plus” collection.

The MICHELIN Guide, which is a benchmark in the world of gastronomy, is now setting a new standard for hotels. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website or download the mobile app — free of charge — to discover all the MICHELIN Guide selections and book unforgettable hotels and restaurants.

85 recommended restaurants, including:

-4 Two MICHELIN Star restaurants
-18 One MICHELIN Star restaurants
-18 Bib Gourmand restaurants (including 1 new restaurant)
-45 Selected restaurants (including 5 new additions)
-6 MICHELIN Green Star restaurants

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Top Image ©Hiroki Kawada/Ocu

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MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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