Just In: Results For 2018 MICHELIN Guide Switzerland

16 new starred restaurants enter the latest red guide for Switzerland.
The 2018 Michelin-starred restaurants in Switzerland have just been announced with the launch of the country's latest red guide.

The number of restaurants with three Michelin stars remains unchanged, with Cheval Blanc (Basel), Schauenstein (Fürstenau) and Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville (Crissier) still leading the charge. Meanwhile, there are also two new two-starred restaurants and 14 new one-starred restaurant in the 2018 MICHELIN Guide for Switzerland.

"The standard of Swiss cuisine continues to be particularly high: Switzerland is still the country with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita," says Michael ELLIS, International Director in charge of the MICHELIN guides. "In less than ten years, the quality of the gastronomy has steadily improved, with the number of star-rated restaurants increasing by 40% between 2008 and today," he continues.

The new two-starred entrants are Restaurant Taverne Zum Schäfli in Wigoltingen, and Einstein Gourmet in Saint Gallen. Both restaurants were awarded one Michelin star in the 2017 Swiss guide, and have earned yet another star this year.

Besides the new starred restaurants, the Swiss guide also awarded a record-holding 153 eateries with a Bib Gourmand, which recognises these restaurants as offering good quality, good value cooking at affordable prices priced at 70 Swiss francs or less. Of these awarded eateries, 30 are new entrants. 

The MICHELIN Guide for Switzerland was first launched in 2008, and listed just 84 restaurants then. This year, a total of 118 restaurants were listed in the guide, an increase of 40 per cent since its inaugural edition.

Below, a full list of the new entrants in the 2018 MICHELIN Guide Switzerland:

Two Michelin Stars
Einstein Gourmet (Saint Gallen)
Restaurant Taverne zum Schäfli (Wigoltingen)

One Michelin Star
The Chedi-The Japanese Restaurant (Andermatt)
Locanda Barbarossa (Ascona)
Apriori (Bubikon)
Tosca (Genf)
La Chaumière by Serge Labrosse – La Table du 7 (Genf/Troinex)
Stiva Veglia (Ilanz/Schnaus )
Weiss Kreuz (Malans)
Café Berra (Monthey/Choëx)
Regina Montium (Rigi Kaltbad)
Die Rose (Rüschlikon)
IGNIV by Andreas Caminada (Saint Moritz)
Torkel (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)
Table de Mary (Yverdon-les-Bains/Cheseaux)
Rigiblick (Zürich)
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