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Breakfast Club: Five Spots For Min Jiang Kueh Pancakes

Sink your teeth into these old-school and new-school pancakes for a grab-and-go breakfast.

25 Feb 2018

Home Entertaining Made Easy: Eric Ziebold’s Basic Crêpe Recipe

Hosting a brunch party? Master a recipe for crêpes and let your guests help themselves to a spread of condiments.

27 Jan 2018
Abbe Baker

Weekend Brunch Recipe: Sunny Shakshouka

A simple, hearty stew for this stay-in Saturday.

26 Jan 2018
Rachel Tan Rachel Tan

Breakfast Club: Shake Up Your Day With Shakshouka

This Middle Eastern egg dish is so crackin' you’ll want to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

23 Dec 2017

Breakfast Club: For the Early Morning Economic Bee Hoon

A brown packet of economic bee hoon and fried chicken is a breakfast we can get behind.

10 Dec 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

Breakfast Club: French Toast to Start the Morning With

For toasts so French you'll say "bonjour" to them.

03 Dec 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

Breakfast Club: 6 Top Spots For Croissants in Singapore

Pastries so good, you won’t flake out on this morning treat.

19 Nov 2017
Meryl Koh Meryl Koh

Breakfast Club: Our Picks for Early-Morning Prawn Mee

We've got you covered for a wholesome, soupy breakfast of hae mee tng.

12 Nov 2017

The Breakfast Club: Giving a Crêpe about Brunch

Because they're delicious when sweet, savoury or doused in a sauce of sugar, butter and Grand Marnier.

05 Nov 2017
Alethea Tan Alethea Tan

Breakfast Club: Ham Chim Peng for the Early-Riser

In this list, we champion six stalls that serves the crispy, golden bun for breakfast (and dinner).

29 Oct 2017
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