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All the Highlights of the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022

Marking its 6th anniversary, MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 is unveiled at the MICHELIN Star Revelation event, with the theme of The World in Seoul.

On November 25, 2021, the sixth edition of the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 was unveiled in a live digital broadcast. The theme of this year’s MICHELIN Guide Seoul event was dubbed The World in Seoul. Although international travel was curtailed, Seoul’s restaurants did their best by delivering excellent food and dining experiences to an audience hungry for more. By embracing the world in Seoul, Seoul's diverse restaurant scene brought gastronomic flair and beauty to people's lives.

Restaurants have been on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic for more than two years, but the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 paradoxically demonstrates that Seoul's restaurant scene is in the middle of a gastronomic renaissance. Currently, it is attracting attention from the world for its creativity, originality and environmental sensitivity for the future and sustainability of chefs in Seoul.

Jerome Vincon, the managing director of Michelin Korea, delivered a congratulatory message with the publication of the edition. "Since its foundation in 1889, Michelin has been striving to pursue the pleasure of travelling. We wanted to offer the joy of driving and gourmet exploration during travel, eventually making our lives more enjoyable. Providing the best premium tires and discovering great restaurants in various cities are both linked to this subject. Today, it’s a day for witnessing the colors and changes of Seoul once again. Although the restaurant industry is struggling with Covid-19, it is still committed to provide great cooking and better experiences for customers visiting everyday. Therefore, I’m also very delighted and excited to see the talents of many chefs through this publishing event.”

MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022: Star Revelation Goes Online

Similar to last year, the unveiling of the MICHELIN Guide proceeded via live digital broadcast. On November 25, 2021, viewers around the world who were curious about Seoul's best restaurant were able to check out the new Star restaurants in real time through the digital event. The MICHELIN Guide played its part to comply with social distancing rules, just as restaurants in Seoul do, in the hopes that regular activities can be resumed as soon as possible.

[Watch Michelin Guide Seoul 2022 Star Revelation Event]

- Naver TV: Michelin Guide Seoul Official Channel

- Facebook: Michelin Guide Seoul Official Channel

- Youtube: Michelin Guide Asia Official Channel

Highlights of the Michelin Guide Seoul 2022

Michelin Guide Seoul 2022 shed light on the passion and development of restaurants that strive to provide gastronomic pleasure and new experiences to diners amid limited overseas travel. Under the theme of "The World in Seoul," the publication event presented Michelin restaurants that lead the gourmet culture of Seoul, Korea.


The MICHELIN Green Star, which was first introduced last year, highlights restaurants’ preemptive efforts with a focus on sustainability for the future. Michelin inspectors are confident that the restaurant industry will continue to lead and create a better future through these efforts. The MICHELIN Green Star is given to restaurants whose chefs have worked hard on innovative activities for the future, such as cherishing seasonal ingredients and minimizing food waste while making full use of local agricultural products. Recipients of the MICHELIN Green Star last year, A Flower Blossom on the Rice by restauranteur Song Jung-eun, and Hwanggeum Kongbat by restauranteur Yoon Tae-hyun, retained their MICHELIN Green Star status this year.

The 2022 MICHELIN Guide Seoul Mentor Chef Award and Young Chef Award

Over the past years, Michelin has not only introduced chefs and their dishes, but has also paid attention to the experts who have been involved in the making of outstanding gourmet experiences. The MICHELIN Guide has introduced the Mentor Chef and Young Chef awards to highlight those who contributed to crafting memorable restaurant experience in their respective fields.

Great mentors serve as sources of inspiration for talented chefs. To encourage solidarity between these generations, the MICHELIN Guide introduces the Mentor Chef Award to pay homage to chefs who have devoted themselves to sharing their experiences, knowledge and skills to others. Chef Jang Myung-sik of L’amitie is the recipient of this year's Mentor Chef Award.

Meanwhile, the MICHELIN Guide bestows the Young Chef Award to young chefs who inspire others and actively promote the love of food to the next generation. This year's Young Chef Award was presented to Chef Kim Bo-mi of Mitou.

MICHELIN Star Restaurants at a glance

It is no exaggeration to say that Star Restaurants, the brightest jewels of the MICHELIN Guide, are the ‘superstar’ of the Star Revelation event. Star restaurants are carefully assessed by independent anonymous inspectors. They hold fast to five strict evaluation methods: the level of cooking, harmonious flavor, the perfection of cooking, the distinct character of the chef expressed through cooking, and consistency on every visit.

The 2022 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Seoul at a glance:
2 Three star restaurants: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey
7 Two Star Restaurants (1 promoted): Excellent cooking, worth a detour
24 One Star Restaurant (2 promoted, 5 new): High quality cooking, worth a stop

Gwendal Poullennec, MICHELIN Guide International Director, introduced the variety of newly introduced Star restaurants. “For more than two years now, all lives had been impacted by the pandemic, and the restaurant sector has been particularly affected. During this period, chefs and teams had to adapt constantly to the restrictions and in doing so impressed us with your unwavering passion and commitment.”

Since the 1900s, the MICHELIN Guide has created a sense of community among chefs and restaurant teams across the globe. Like a family in its own. During this tough period, the MICHELIN Guide has been highlighting restaurants to international foodies to keep encouraging them to be stronger than ever. So, let’s discover and celebrate together this MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 selection.”

Seoul is an attractive city where countless restaurants and various cuisines attract gourmands with their multiple charms. We invite you to discover the best places in Seoul with the newly published MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2022 in the coming year.

This Article is written in Korean and English by Julia Lee and sub-edited by June Lee in English.


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