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「MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2022」 17 newly-Starred restaurants

17 new MICHELIN Stars now shine over Kyoto and Osaka. Are you ready to visit?

Japan Michelin star

Congratulations to the 8 new One Star restaurants and one new Two Star restaurant in Kyoto and the 8 new One Star restaurants in Osaka, joining the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2022!
Let’s introduce you to these new Starred restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka and the messages of joy that we’ve received from them.




“I am very honored and proud to have obtained a MICHELIN Star with my teams for both of our restaurants, MUNI ALAIN DUCASSE and MUNI LA TERRASSE. This award is the result of a year and a half of hard work from all my teams, for which I sincerely thank them, along with our customers.”


 cenci (1 MICHELIN Star, Italian)

“I am grateful that you recognize the work we undertake on a daily basis. I think the greatest significance of a MICHELIN Star is that the people who support like, like suppliers and customers, can also be happy. I will continue to work as diligently as ever, as we aim for even greater heights.”


KOKE (1 MICHELIN Star, Innovative)

“I am very honored to have received a MICHELIN Star in half a year since the restaurant opened. We will continue to welcome our customers and will strive every day to become an even better restaurant.”



“I would like to sincerely thank all the people who support NAKATSUKA”


La Biographie…  (1 MICHELIN Star, French)

“At my previous restaurant I helped it achieve a MICHELIN Star – it was the only French restaurant to be awarded a Star in the first edition of MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka. I then opened my own restaurant, which has been in the MICHELIN Guide for 10 years. After it relocated, I am very happy indeed to receive a MICHELIN Star. From Kyoto we would like to continue to disseminate gastronomy to the world.”

ⒸLa Biographie…
ⒸLa Biographie…
4_Ryoriya Maekawa (2).JPG

Ryoriya Makekawa (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

“It is a great honour to receive a MICHELIN Star. Thank you to our customers, staff, suppliers, my family and everyone around me – I really appreciate it. I will continue to put in every effort, but patiently and humbly. “

Gion Mamma (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

“Achieving a MICHELIN Star was one of our goals, so I am very honoured. I’m pleased the hard work has paid off. My family and those around me are also happy.”

ⒸGion Mamma
ⒸGion Mamma


Numata (2 MICHELIN Stars, Tempura)

“It is a great honour to receive Two MICHELIN Stars. We are full of gratitude for having something to aim for – and the motivation to move forward. Thank you very much.”


Ono (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

"Being in the MICHELIN Guide has always been my goal. In 2015, when I was working in Awaji Island, Hyogo, my restaurant was visited a number of times by their inspectors but, because of its planned relocation, we didn’t make it into the Guide. But now I have a MICHELIN Star and many people, including my family, staff, customers and suppliers are as pleased as I am. My father passed away in September; he was a big fan of the TV drama ‘Grand Maison Tokyo’ and always expected my restaurant to receive a MICHELIN Star – so I am very proud to have fulfilled my promise to him. I will now aim for the next level."

10_Oryori Yamada (3).jpg

Oryori Yamada (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

“We are very honoured to receive a MICHELIN Star. I don’t think I could have achieved it without the support of customers, suppliers, mentors in the industry, staff and family. I will continue to apply myself every day and to never stand still.”

capi (1 MICHELIN Star, Innovative)

“We are very pleased to be recommended in the MICHELIN Guide, which was one of our goals. We will keep making efforts to impress our customers.”


YUNiCO (1 MICHELIN Star, Italian)

“The restaurant opened in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, so it has been a tough year. However, many people supported us and, as a result, I was able to achieve a MICHELIN Star. Next year, I will aim for two Stars!”

a canto (1 MICHELIN Star, Italian)

“Our restaurant was announced as having One MICHELIN Star in the Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka 2022, and we are happy and grateful. We have received wonderful gifts, congratulatory messages on SNS, and "Congratulations!" from customers at the restaurant. Needless to say, this award is the result of not only my efforts, but also the great support of people around me, such as friends and mentors in the industry, staff, vendors, producers and customers. I hope it makes them proud – and I will continue to dedicate myself every day.”

Ⓒa canto
Ⓒa canto

Konoha (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

“It is an honour to be in the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2022. Our regular customers are also very pleased and have sent many messages. We will continue to devote ourselves to what we have achieved so far, without being overwhelmed by this evaluation.”


Enomoto (1 MICHELIN Star, Japanese)

“We are very pleased to receive a MICHELIN Star. We had been feeling anxious about the future because we opened the restaurant during the Covid-19 crisis. However, after receiving such a great award, we will do our best more than ever, and aim to the next level.”

Point (1 MICHELIN Star, French)


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