MICHELIN Guide Ceremony 3 minutes 24 April 2023

Vinkeles awarded Two Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2023

• One new restaurant awarded Two MICHELIN Stars • 17 new restaurants received One MICHELIN Star for the first time • Four restaurants received the MICHELIN Green Star for their commitment to a more sustainable gastronomy

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2 MICHELIN Stars 3 Michelin Stars Michelin star

In the Theater DeLaMar in Amsterdam, Michelin today unveiled the restaurant selection for the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2023. Referencing a total of 504 establishments, including 125 MICHELIN-Starred restaurants, and 98 restaurants awarded the Bib Gourmand, the 2023 selection illustrates the dynamism of the Dutch gastronomic scene. More precisely, this year’s edition highlights one new Two MICHELIN Star restaurant, 17 new One MICHELIN Star restaurants, 4 new MICHELIN Green Star restaurants and 8 new Bib Gourmand restaurants.

“Year on year, and throughout the Netherlands, our inspectors relish the fact that they continue to uncover new talents flying the flag for fine dining and Dutch gastronomy. With 18 new MICHELIN-Starred restaurants, including one new Two Star establishment, the 2023 selection perfectly illustrates the quest for excellence found wherever they went” underlines Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “Creative, mindful of their roots - whether those are local or more exotic - open to interesting influences or committed to conceiving a more sustainable gastronomy, chefs in the Netherlands are increasingly looking to offer singular dining experiences for their guests, which we are proud to showcase to the gourmet world”.

Basiliek ©JL Visuals
Basiliek ©JL Visuals
The two restaurants with Three MICHELIN Stars have confirmed their status

The restaurant De Librije (in Zwolle), led by chef Jonnie Boer, and the restaurant Inter Scaldes (in Kruiningen), with chef Jannis Brevet in charge, remain, with their Three MICHELIN Stars, the two iconic flag-bearers of Dutch gastronomy. The culinary singularity and creativity of these chefs are simply remarkable and a shining example for all. Guests come from around the globe to experience their unique cuisine, and one remains truly full of admiration for the regularity of the quality offered.

Vinkeles awarded Two MICHELIN Stars

Chef Jurgen van der Zalm and his team can admire the second MICHELIN Star to be displayed at the entrance to their restaurant Vinkeles. This talented chef, once the right-hand man for Dennis Kuipers, is now forging his own furrow while remaining faithful to a certain idea of traditional gastronomy. At Vinkeles (in Amsterdam), this is immediately recognized in his attention to the sauces, although he is not afraid of adding some modern twists to signal his creativity. Whether it is creating an entirely vegetarian menu or a dish celebrating the more luxury ingredients, Jurgen van der Zalm never fails to propose something to grab the attention, and always delivered with classic finesse.

In total, 20 restaurants are recommended with Two MICHELIN Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2023.

17 new restaurants received a first MICHELIN Star

The new selection of the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands honors no less than 17 new restaurants which received their first MICHELIN Star.
In Maastricht, two historic restaurants – Château Neercanne and Au Coin des Bons Enfants - are selected, as is the Limbourgeois Studio (also in Maastricht) and Flavours (in Weert).

The MICHELIN Guide inspectors were also impressed by the creative cuisine proposed in the restaurants Vanderveen and Coulisse in Amsterdam. At the Bistro de la Mer, chef Julius Nuiten, under the guidance of Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot, dreams up dishes that joyously play with traditional recipes.

Utrecht is not lagging behind, with two new restaurants now having One MICHELIN Star: the historic establishment Karel 5 accompanied and a new address, Maeve. These two restaurants stand out by their very precise cooking technic and their desire to showcase the local traditions..

Creativity and originality are the words that come to mind for the newly awarded restaurants LIZZ (in Gouda), Brass Boer Thuis (in Zwolle) and Basiliek (in Harderwijk).
If you step inside YAMA (in Rotterdam) you experience a very personal interpretation of Japanese traditions. Central Park (in Voorburg) and Codium (in Zierikzee) add a luster to the western and southern part of the country with One MICHELIN Star for each of them. Finally, in the north, Restaurant Smink (in Wolvega) and De Woage (in Gramsbergen) will delight you with their particularly refined modern creations.

Four new restaurants received the MICHELIN Green Star

Four new establishments within the 2023 selection of the Guide received the MICHELIN Green Star, making now 15 the total number of such restaurants which demonstrate so clearly their commitment to sustainable gastronomy.

The village of Koudekerke leads the way with 2 new role-model establishments: Hof aan Zee and Morille. These two restaurants are fully committed to promote their typical Zeeland terroirs and to create a local and circular model. In Rotonde (in Rotterdam) and De Dyck (in Woubrugge) eco-responsibility is at the heart of the kitchen’s activities and the front-of-house team brilliantly shares their committed philosophies to customers.

Maeve ©Vera Voorend
Maeve ©Vera Voorend
The MICHELIN Special Awards

With its Special Awards, the MICHELIN Guide aims to reward various talents and know-how that go beyond the culinary skills and which together are the essence of creating unforgettable gastronomic experiences.

Yornie van Dijk receives the 2023 MICHELIN Young Chef Award. This young chef runs the Basiliek (in Harderwijk), a new One MICHELIN Star restaurant, and impressed the inspectors, especially with his very personal interpretation of Nordic cuisine. His creations stand out by an intense freshness and a very well-balanced and appropriate use of spices.

The 2023 MICHELIN Guide Sommelier Award went to Nadine Mögling at the Bij Jef restaurant (in Den Hoorn). This very talented professional stood out by the attention, care and elegance with which she welcomes each guest, and the way in which she guides them in their choice of wines and drinks.

8 new restaurants have received a Bib Gourmand

Two weeks prior to the announcement of the full 2023 selection for the Netherlands, the MICHELIN Guide awarded a Bib Gourmand to 8 new restaurants. Such restaurants are the inspectors’ best value for money offers, and are much appreciated by discerning food lovers. In total, there are now 98 Bib Gourmand restaurants in the Netherlands.

The MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2023 at a glance:
504 recommended restaurants including:

  • 2 restaurants with Three MICHELIN Stars;
  • 20 restaurants with Two MICHELIN Stars (1 new);
  • 103 restaurants with One MICHELIN Star (17 new);
  • 15 restaurants with a MICHELIN Green Star (4 new);
  • 98 Bib Gourmand restaurants (8 new).
Head Photo Vinkeles ©Roel Ruijs

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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