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Three new restaurants receive Two Stars in the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2022

• Three new restaurants highlighted with Two MICHELIN Stars • 10 new restaurants awarded a first MICHELIN Star • 3 new restaurants receive a MICHELIN Green Star for their efforts to promote sustainable gastronomy

Today Michelin presented the 2022 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands at the DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam. The new selection features 520 restaurants, including 117 MICHELIN Stars, 112 Bib Gourmand and 11 MICHELIN Green Stars. The 2022 edition is a further demonstration of the talent and the high standard of the gastronomic scene in the Netherlands. The perseverance and commitment of restaurateurs, despite the adverse conditions under which they have had to operate over the last two years, are a shining example of the resilience and success of Dutch gastronomy.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides stated, “The MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2022 selection illustrates the refinement and creativity which are the hallmarks of the Dutch gastronomic scene. As a constantly evolving gourmet destination, the Netherlands also stand out for the increasing focus Dutch restaurateurs are placing on sustainable development challenges.”

De Librije and Inter Scaldes confirm their Three MICHELIN Stars

De Librije, run by chef Jonnie Boer and Inter Scaldes, the restaurant belonging to chef Jannis Brevet, remain, with Three MICHELIN Stars, the ultimate benchmarks of Dutch gastronomy. Both of these seasoned restaurants offer soul-stirring culinary experiences which never fail to impress diners. The technical prowess of these two chefs is only equaled by their ability to devise taste combinations which are always striking, and particularly creative dishes.

Three new restaurants are awarded Two MICHELIN Stars

The MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2022 includes three new Two Star restaurants, bringing the number of restaurants “worth a detour” up to 21.

De Nieuwe Winkel (in Nijmegen), highlighted with its first Star, as well as a MICHELIN Green Star last year, is a restaurant which upholds strong culinary convictions. Chef Emile van der Staak is a visionary who, with his captivating creations and sophisticated technique, brings the micro-seasons to life and champions a particularly poignant botanical gastronomy. In Amsterdam, Flore, by chef Bas van Kranen, supports a similar approach, with original dishes showcasing local vegetables and produce. The quest for sustainable solutions nourishes the creativity of the chef and his team, who define a very pure style of cooking, in constant progression. As a homage to this dynamism and culinary excellence vibrancy, Flore is directly awarded Two MICHELIN Stars.

Finally, Julemont in Wittem also accomplished this feat, with our inspectors deeming it worthy of receiving Two MICHELIN Stars right away. This charming restaurant, located inside Wittem Castle, invites diners to immerse themselves in a luxurious, modern and elegant setting. In the kitchen, chef Guido Breaken exalts produce of extraordinary quality. He concocts dishes with a unique style, tinted with exuberance, with an array of very precise, lively and expressive dishes.

Julemont ©Kirchgasser Photography
Julemont ©Kirchgasser Photography
10 new restaurants honored with their first MICHELIN Star

Amsterdam has the largest number of restaurants awarded this year with a first MICHELIN Star. Restaurants including De Juwelier and Zoldering offer gratifying menus and a great deal of variety. In these laid-back restaurants, traditions and modernity rub shoulders with panache. The same atmosphere can be found at Lars Amsterdam, where the culinary art of chef, Lars Scharp whisks diners away for a modern and accurate experience. At De Kas, crunchy vegetables take center stage thanks to highly controlled flavor balances which oscillate between plant-based, sweet and sour. The vegetable-centric dishes in this restaurant, which is also awarded a MICHELIN Green Star, demonstrate the chef’s creativity and his intention to celebrate the abundance of nature.

At Vigor, in Vught and Alma in Oisterwijk, gastronomic finesse and contemporary twists go hand in hand with very beautiful food and wine pairings. At ’t Ganzenest in Rijswijk, chef Erik Tas prepares dishes which deftly and elegantly honor the very best products. Fans of creative cuisine should not miss Noor in Hoogkerk and Atelier in Gulpen. These two restaurants offer no-frills, straightforward menus with explosive flavors. Cas Pikaar, in Hilvarenbeek also likes to think outside the box and does so with a great deal of aptitude. His technical finesse and the commitment with which he adapts classic recipes are astonishing.

3 new restaurants receive a MICHELIN Green Star for their efforts to promote sustainable gastronomy

The MICHELIN Green Star first appeared in the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands last year, distinguishing eight restaurants for their exceptional commitment and their efforts to promote sustainable gastronomy. In the 2022 selection, the MICHELIN Guide inspectors honor three new establishments. At Flore in Amsterdam, chef Bas van Kranen takes pride in only stocking Dutch seafood and regional produce. Anjou pigeons therefore make way for Dutch quails and the chef no longer consumes any dairy produce. Local suppliers have become valuable partners with whom the restaurant works hand in hand. A similar approach can be found at Héron in Utrecht. Here, the culinary experience is part of an educational approach whereby diners discover all the care taken by the chef and his team to use products in their entirety, cooking with local fruit and vegetables and being guided by the rhythm of nature. Finally, Niven Kunz’s 80% plant-based/menu philosophy rule, which is implemented at Triptyque in Wateringen, is a true source of inspiration. Each day, the chef bases his strategy on a constantly developing vision which highlights the treasures of Westland with the greatest respect for its environment.

MICHELIN Special Awards

Keen to promote the diversity of the stakeholders who contribute to offering memorable dining experiences, as well as to promote young talent, the MICHELIN Guide is engaged through its Special Awards.

The MICHELIN Young Chef Award goes to chef Yoran Jacobi at De Juwelier in Amsterdam. The diligence and generosity with which he prepares lesser-known fare is a demonstration of his immense talent. The intensity and exuberance of his laid-back gastronomy impressed our inspectors.

The Sommelier Award, sponsored by Makro, is received by Malou Hagenaars, at Alma in Oisterwijk. This female sommelier prefers German wines and loves to allow diners to discover new bottles. She is always capable of pinpointing the right level of freshness, fullness and intensity to elegantly accompany the delicacy of chef Van Laarhoven’s dishes.

16 new establishments receive a Bib Gourmand

The 2022 edition also awards 112 Bib Gourmand restaurants, including 16 new additions. Restaurants distinguished with a Bib Gourmand offer excellent value for money.

This year, gourmets can enjoy a whirlwind of Indonesian flavors at Blauw in Utrecht. For French flavors with a few Italian touches, Bistro Aragosta in Leeuwarden is a must-visit. Oriole meanwhile, is a hidden gem in Amsterdam, while the modern seasonal cuisine at Basaal and the spicy Tabkeaw in Maastricht are worth discovering.

The full list of Bib Gourmand restaurants and new additions are available on our website at: guide.michelin.com and on the mobile application.

Picture Pikaar ©Dennis Bolt

MICHELIN Guide Ceremony

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