Features 1 minute 13 September 2016

The Origins of Your Mooncake

Most of the mooncakes you’ve eaten were probably made by this factory in eastern Singapore - but you may never even know it.

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It’s that time of the year again.

After Lunar New Year, the Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most important festivals among the Chinese - and a popular gifting season among gourmands. They provide timely reason to gather one’s nearest and dearest around the dining table, sweetening the festive season with a special warmth and joyful cheer.

But the increasingly ferocious appetites of Singaporeans for mooncakes in recent years, coupled with the constant pursuit for ever more unusual flavours to stand out from the crowd, have pushed many hotels and large businesses to reach out to external mooncake makers to keep up with frenzied demand.

Lao Zi Hao is one such mooncake producer. Based in the eastern part of Singapore, the six-year-old business is entrusted by some of Singapore’s most prominent hotels and restaurants to produce close to 650,000 mooncakes annually.

In this Michelin exclusive video, managing director Justin Tang of Lao Zi Hao opens his doors of his factory to the media for the very first time, to give us a glimpse of their mooncake-making journey, from the meticulously hand-separated egg yolks, to the thinly baked crusts and the precision machinery-led packing process.


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