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From Vineyard To Glass: An Illustrated Guide To Cold Chain Logistics

Raise a glass to the supply chain strategy that keeps your wine in tip-top condition throughout its whole journey

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All around the world, appreciation for wine is growing, as is the understanding that wine is a sensitive product deserving of premium handling from the time it leaves the vineyard to the time it fills your glass.

Since 1998, wine importer and distributor Taste of Tradition (ToT) has been championing a process known as cold chain logistics, which minimises damage and spoilage of wine shipments and preserves the provenance of every bottle. ToT imports more than 500 wines from 47 wineries in 11 countries with varying climates and offers refrigerated transport services and climate-controlled warehouse facilities in an unbroken cold chain.

Here, we learn how temperature fluctuations can affect the chemical composition of wine and in turn its taste and aromas, and trace the journey of a bottle of wine through the cold chain supply from vineyard to glass.

Taste of Tradition
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