Features 1 minute 28 February 2019

Michelin Inspector Field Notes: February 2019

Hear directly from the source the latest thoughts from our Michelin inspectors.


We've already given you a glimpse of how the inspection process works, but now we want to peel back the curtain a little more to give you additional insight into what's going through the minds of our famously anonymous inspectors. The easiest way to do that? Following one of their Twitter accounts (Chicago, New York or San Francisco) or staying up to date with their latest Instagram posts. And yes, these are real inspectors sharing their personal thoughts.

We've all been there.

One of the comments on this post is "#iwant" and that pretty much sums up my thoughts on this dish from Casa Mono.

Is it Friday yet?

Did you celebrate the Lunar New Year with xiao long bao?

Any guesses as to which Michelin-starred restaurant this was?

Who else is intrigued by this coffee-less "cappuccino" at Tosca Café?

Pro tip.


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