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The Best Barbecue Spots in NYC

Get your wet naps ready.

Though New York City isn’t home to a particular style of barbecue, it has welcomed the likes of many giants from across the country. Kansas City-style, Texas brisket and Eastern Carolina whole hog—it’s all here.

Here’s where to get the best of the best:

Hometown Bar-B-Que

Sunset Park & Brighton Beach

What It Is: Bodyguard-turned-pitmaster Billy Durney’s Red Hook haven for meats smoked over oak wood.

What Our Inspectors Say: “Here, in a converted warehouse in Red Hook, that means pit-smoked meats with flavors of such intensity, you’ll find yourself wondering if you’ll eat kale or muesli ever again.”

What to Order: Meat that comes by the half-pound: choose from brisket, pulled pork, lamb belly or turkey. Also on the menu: ribs, Vietnamese hot wings, brisket tacos and thick slab pastrami bacon.

Fette Sau


What It Is: Literally translated to "fat pig," welcome to Joe Carroll's cozy barbecue eatery that is "one part Central Texas and one part New York Deli," per the restaurant's website.

What Our Inspectors Say: “Today, it is still one of the best in the game, with a casual, hangout vibe, where you order cafeteria-style; then eat your goodies on butcher paper-lined trays at long, communal picnic tables.”

What to Order: Black Angus beef brisket, Berkshire pork belly, Duroc pulled pork, Berkshire spicy sausage—all priced by the half pound, naturally.

Photos courtesy of Hometown Bar-B-Que/Facebook.

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