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9 Best Mooncakes To Try In Bangkok This Year

Mooncake season is back.

mooncake Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake season is upon us yet again. Plenty of us happily anticipate the Mid-Autumn Festival every year because this is the best time to enjoy mooncakes to their absolute fullest.

But it is not just about the deliciousness that makes them great. Mooncakes represent completeness, perfection, and fulfillment, which is what we want for our friends and families.  Mooncakes also symbolise prosperity and reunion for the whole family. So it is traditional to give mooncakes to loved ones as blessings for happiness and prosperity during this festival.

And just like every year, renowned five-star hotels focus their imagination on producing wondrous mooncakes to delight the gourmand in us all. From classic flavours to wild creations, all wrapped in stunning, attractive packaging.

Here are the awesome mooncakes from nine hotels highlighted in MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 that will make the Mid-Autumn Festival tasty for you and your loved ones.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

This luxury hotel brand from the Land of the Rising Sun presents their take on mooncakes. These tender yet firm pastries with smooth fillings are available in four flavours: the best-selling original custard, green tea, Monthong durian single yolk, and japanese purple sweet potato single yolk. You can buy them individually or as a set of four, one of each flavour, in a box decorated with copper gingko leaves, wrapped in a beautiful cloth, Furoshiki style.

Prices begin at 198 THB. Available from 8 September to 1 October 2020.

MICHELIN restaurants at The Okura Prestige Bangkok: Elements (1 MICHELIN Star) and Yamazato (MICHELIN Plate).

Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

The legendary mooncake collections from Shang Palace are back and are presented in beautifully designed packaging. These tempting treats are created following traditional methods passed down through generations. Choose from durian or lotus seed single salted egg yolk in regular size or custard cream mini cakes, available in boxes of two, four, six, or eight pieces.

Prices begin at 360 THB net. Available until 3 October 2020.

InterContinental Bangkok

The mooncakes from the InterContinental Bangkok are homemade and freshly baked daily. Pick your selection from four flavours -- jujube single yolk, lotus seed single yolk, Monthong durian single yolk, and pandan leaf with black sesame single Yolk -- presented in a simple, elegantly designed box that your aunties will appreciate.

Prices begin with a box of four for 988 THB net. Available until 1 October 2020.

MICHELIN restaurants at InterContinental Bangkok: Fireplace Grill and Bar (MICHELIN Plate) and Theo Mio (MICHELINE Plate).

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Home to one of the best Chao Phraya River views in town, The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok celebrates mid-autumn this year with classically delicious creations as usual. The four flavours include custard, Chinese lotus seed with egg yolk, durian with egg yolk, and, wait for it, Italian tiramisu as a great result of collaborations between Ciao restaurant and China House.

Prices begin with a box of eight for 808 THB net. Available until 1 October 2020.

MICHELIN Restaurants at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok: Le Normandie (2 MICHELIN Stars) and Sala Rim Naam (MICHELIN Plate).

The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok

Art comes in many forms, including flowers on a mooncake box. The Athenee Hotel Bangkok presents the Bouquet Splendido collection featuring lavish floral designs from renowned Italian artist, Arianna Caroli. Available mooncake flavours are chocolate cream with durian, crispy pork with mixed nuts, white lotus and melon seeds with egg yolk, pandan and mung beans, Chantaburi durian with white lotus seeds and egg yolk, and caramel with organic sea salt.

Prices begin at 238 THB. Available until 9 October 2020.

Anantara Siam Bangkok

The mooncakes this year feature a new flavour, Monthong durian chocolate lava, as well as the ever-popular custard and white lotus seed single yolk, all made from finest ingredients. Available in two different magnificent box designs; a lush red burgundy with gold Thai fighting fish and a box shaped like a half moon that opens to present a full moon and all its auspiciousness.

Prices begin at a box for 1,088 THB+. Available until 1 October 2020.

MICHELIN Restaurants at Anantara Siam Bangkok: Biscotti (MICHELIN Plate).

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok

Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok celebrates this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival with a selection of eight mooncake flavours. Four are classics: 8 xian, Monthong durian egg yolk, custard, and pandan coconut. Four are plant-based: longan, mixed dried fruit, durian, and mixed nuts.

Prices begin at 169 THB++ per piece. Available until 1 October 2020.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

The hotel features special mooncakes with such various fillings as lotus seed, mixed Chinese nuts, jujube walnut, chestnut, custard, and the all-round favourite, durian. So you can pick the perfect flavours for your loved one for this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Prices begin at 208 THB per piece. Available until 1 October 2020.

The St. Regis Bangkok

This year, the St. Regis is offering mooncakes in four flavours from top quality ingredients. What to order? Try Monthong durian egg yolk or jujube egg yolk, lotus seeds egg yolk (a favourite for the whole family), or even Chinese 5 grains egg yolk (another annual favourite).

A box of four pieces for 988 THB net. Available until 1 October 2020.

MICHELIN Restaurant in The St. Regis: Zuma (MICHELIN Plate).


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