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Curry Favour: 5 Restaurants In Singapore Participating In International Curry Week

Delectable curry dishes will be paired with trendy Indian craft beer Bira 91.

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There are few things that go together better than a creamy spicy curry and smooth craft beer. Having taken India by storm the last two years, popular craft beer company Bira 91 has set its eyes on the global market, starting with the launch of International Curry Week across three cities: New York, Singapore and New Delhi. The inaugural festival, running from 12 to 28 October, will see participating restaurants partner with Bira 91 to curate a selection of curry dishes to pair with the brand’s handcrafted White, Blonde or IPA brews.

Curry may have originated in India, but it finds different shapes and forms in cultures all around the world: think Thai massaman curry, sweet Japanese kare raisu or Indonesian kari with chicken or mutton. Curries from all over the world will be showcased at International Curry Week. Participating restaurants include New York City’s famed Miss Lily’s, Baar Baar, Kiin Thai and Amarachi; Singapore’s Tandoor, Lagnaa, Long Chim and Nara Thai; and New Delhi’s Lavaash By Saby, Jamun and AnnaMaya, among many more.
International Curry Week is happening in New York City, New Delhi and Singapore this year (Pic: Bira 91)
International Curry Week is happening in New York City, New Delhi and Singapore this year (Pic: Bira 91)
“We’re thrilled to kick off the first annual International Curry Week,” said Ankur Jain, founder and CEO of Bira 91. “Curry is the world’s comfort food, but it’s enjoying a new embrace as something different: a hip symbol of how the world is growing more colourful and more diverse. We’re excited to complement a wide range of curries with our own distinctive beers and look forward to bringing something new for consumers to experience for years to come.”

Select restaurants will offer diners a custom menu with curry-centric entrees specially developed by the chefs, along with a specific Bira 91 pairing. Others will offer fixed pricing on specific dishes paired with Bira 91. Along with the culinary offerings, Bira 91 will provide free giveaways and redeemable vouchers with the order of certain curry dishes.
A wide range of curry dishes will be served with Bira 91 craft beer (Pic: Bira 91)
A wide range of curry dishes will be served with Bira 91 craft beer (Pic: Bira 91)

Here are some of the restaurants in Singapore participating in International Curry Week 2018. You can make bookings for featured restaurants via Chope

Punjab Grill
Indian fine dining establishment Punjab Grill will be offering a lunch menu at S$58++ and a S$98++ dinner menu with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available. Look forward to some regional curry dishes like mugh makhani and Goan fish curry to go with your Bira 91 brew.

Long Chim's Chiang Mai Curry Noodles (Pic: Long Chim)
Long Chim's Chiang Mai Curry Noodles (Pic: Long Chim)
Long Chim
This elegant Thai restaurant at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands is offering a three-course menu for S$40++ per person featuring a choice of mains: Bira White Ale paired with roasted duck red curry or vegetable curry, coconut turmeric prawn curry with Bira’s IPA, or green curry of kampong chicken with Bira’s Light Large brew.

For S$39++ per person, tuck into a full meal of achari broccoli and meat or vegetable martabaan with garlic naan, tandoori roti and jeera rice with a sweet ending of mango kulfi. Wash it all down with Bira 91 craft beers.
Tandoor's Malabari Fish Curry (Pic: Tandoor)
Tandoor's Malabari Fish Curry (Pic: Tandoor)
Tandoor’s vegetarian and non-vegetarian set menus are S$65++ per person with a complimentary Bira 91 beer. Soup and kebab courses precede the curry-centric entrees served with basmati rice pulao and garlic naan, hot from the tandoor. (Banner image courtesy of Tandoor)

Nara Thai
Nara Thai is taking out all the curries in its arsenal for International Curry Week. Diners can look forward to Thai green and red curries with prawns, beef, pork or chicken, beef and chicken massaman curry, stir-fried soft shell crab with yellow curry, and fried tiger prawns in yellow or red curry. Any order of these curries comes with a complimentary Bira 91 beer.

For more information on International Curry Week, as well as a full list of participating restaurants, visit the International Curry Week Website.

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