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A Classic Ceviche Recipe From Peruvian Restaurant Tono Cevicheria

The refreshing combination of raw fish cured in citrus juices is a delicious representation of South America fare. Peruvian chef Daniel Chavez shares his recipe.

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Asians might call this the Peruvian version of sashimi. They would be right if they were referring to a tiradito, a Peruvian dish where raw fish is sliced sashimi-style thanks to Japanese immigrants who brought over their sharp knife skills during the 1899 immigration.
But what differentiates a ceviche from a tiradito is not just the way the fish is sliced. In ceviches, the raw seafood are usually diced into chunky pieces instead.

At new Peruvian restaurant Tono Cevicheria, Peruvian native Daniel Chavez shows off the classic dish in various styles, with one common ingredient that binds them all together — 'tiger's milk', or leche de tigre. Made from lime juice, onions, chilli and just a dash of fish sauce, this zesty marinade is vibrant and punchy in flavour, and is key to curing the raw seafood in this dish.

Here, chef Chavez shares his recipe for a classic ceviche with a twist.
Recipe for Ceviche 


For the Tiger's Milk: 
100g Vine tomatoes 
25g Celery 
35g Shallots 
25g Red capsicums 
1/2 Chilli padi 
5g Ginger 
5g Garlic 
190ml Lime juice 
25g Fish fillet 
150ml Fish stock 
10g Salt 
5g Sugar 
Pinch of Espelette pepper 

Mix all the ingredients and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes to marinate. 
Blend the mixture for five minutes. Strain the mixture to sieve out chunky bits, then leave to cool in the chiller. 
Once chilled, adjust the seasoning if necessary.
For the Ceviche: 

400g Snapper fillet, diced in cubes 
100g Red onions, sliced thinly 

Mix the onions with the fish in a bowl. Add salt. 
Place in the chiller for five minutes to keep it cold. 
Add the Tiger’s Milk (from steps above) and leave to marinate for at least one minute. 
Plate the ceviche and garnish with micro coriander. Serve.
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