04 Oct to 06 Oct 2019

MICHELIN Guide Gourmet Fair 2019

Yongsan I Park Mall 8F

“Experience the menus of MICHELIN Guide Seoul’s Star chefs in one place”

MICHELIN Guide Seoul holds ‘MICHELIN Guide Gourmet Fair 2019’

MICHELIN Guide Seoul is holding the ‘MICHELIN Guide Gourmet Fair 2019’ for 3 days from 4th (Fri) to 6th (Sun) October on the 8th floor of Yongsan I Park Mall.

In particular, at ‘Special Dining’, there will be a feast of four hands dining held by special guests, chef Lam Ming Kin of MICHELIN Guide Taipei 2019 1 star restaurant ‘Longtail’ and chef Choong Hoo Lee of MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2019 1 star restaurant ‘Zero Complex’. In addition, there will be a ‘Wine tasting’ program twice a day where visitors can taste various wines with food expert and a sommelier.                                                                                                                                                                     **
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MICHELIN Guide Gourmet Fair 2019 Restaurant Lineup


  • Longtail
  • Muoki
  • STAY
  • Yu Yuan
  • Lee Jong Kuk 104
  • Jin Jin
  • Table for Four


  • Ilhosic


  • Dooreyoo
  • Terreno
  • Boreumsae
  • Seoul Dining
  • Soie et Épice
  • O Mangia
  • Choi.
  • Kunsomchai

Furthermore, there will be additional events such as

▲Market & Dining Zone introducing food ingredients, gastronomic items and kitchen wares

▲Live Zone where all-time events are being held

▲Performance Zone engaging visitors to live cooking show and live band performances.

Admission ticket and menus can be purchased in advance through Naver from September 5. 

**Purchase at event hall can be sold out early 

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MICHELIN Guide Taipei 2019 Starred Restaurant 

롱테일_1 스타.jpg

The menu changes every three months and features local seasonal produce alongside the finest ingredients from around the world. discover more

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MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2019 Starred Restaurant

무오키_1 스타_용량.jpg

Park has a knack for incorporating new cooking methods into creating a mélange of unpredictable flavors and textures. discover more

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스테이_1 스타_용량.jpg

STAY is celebrated French Chef Yannick Alléno's modern casual French restaurant, a young and vibrant space accented with yellow and gold. discover more

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유 유안_1 스타_용량.jpg

he menu features mostly Cantonese dishes, but also offers recipes from other Chinese regions. discover more

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이종국 104_ 1 스타_용량.jpg

Lee’s sauces and preserved ingredients are the products of time and care, and ultimately form the basis of all the food.  discover more

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진진_1 스타_용량.jpg

Unlike most generic Korean-style Chinese restaurants ubiquitous to Seoul, Chef Wang offers a limited menu of just 10 dishes to ensure that the quality of the food he serves is consistently high. discover more

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테이블 포 포_1 스타_용량.jpg

Hailing from Taean County on the west coast where fresh seafood abounds, he sources all of the fresh ingredients from his hometown. discover more

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MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2019 Bib Gourmand Restaurant

일호식_빕 구르망.jpg

A great option for those seeking a tasty nutritious meal made with care. discover more

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MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2019 Plate Restaurant


The chef has stepped away from contemporary-style Korean food to return to the basics. discover more

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Earth, land, terrain; the name 'Terreno' itself clearly sums up what Chef Shin Seung-hwan aims to deliver on a plate - the flavors that Mother Nature intended. discover more

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Beef restaurants are ubiquitous all over Korea, but this relatively new spot which opened in late 2015 offers something prized and uncommon: Jeju black cattle. discover more

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서울 다이닝_플레이트.jpg

Chef Kim says he wants to express the ever-changing city of Seoul and its vibrant foodscape on a plate using the most iconic and typical local ingredients as tools. discover more

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수아 에피스_플레이트.jpg

Attention to authenticity and detail begins with the sauces, a crucial component of Thai cuisine, which are made fresh in the restaurant.  discover more

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From the dry-curing chamber of house-made salumi to the wood-fired pizza oven, the establishment has all the essential elements you would expect to find at an authentic Italian restaurant. discover more

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Inspirations and experiences are channeled into each of the dishes and the whimsical ways in which they are presented to the customer. discover more

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At Kunsomchai, Kim offers a menu that is a good mix of dishes whose flavors range from the more familiar, like his 'Somchai Gukbap,' to the more complex and exotic such as his 'Boo Paht Pong Curry' and 'Massaman Curry'.  discover more

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This Event has now ended. Check back shortly for updates on upcoming Events.

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