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Michelin Guide Seoul 2023’s New Restaurants Explore Food Matches With Mumm RSRV Champagnes

Chefs from MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023’s new restaurants suggest fascinating food and wine pairings with private collection RSRV Champagnes from Maison Mumm, which debuted in 1838

Seoul's dining culture is developing in a lively way, shining like a star. In the newly published MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023 edition, 176 restaurants are listed, showing a gourmands’ map of Seoul. In particular, this year many new restaurants are included, proving that the creativity and excellence of chefs in this city are shining brighter than ever..

The easiest way to enjoy the essence of gourmet dining experience is to open a bottle of Champagne, and pair it with your food presented by our MICHELIN restaurants in Seoul. There will be no better choice than Champagne to mark the end of the year and make a splash at upcoming New Year's gatherings. Founded in 1827, G.H. Mumm is one of the world's top three Champagne houses and the No. 1 Champagne house in France based on its sales. Maison Mumm’s RSRV, which debuted in 1838, is a special Champagne collection that was presented only to acquaintances and important guests of the cellarmasters; now it is introduced as a new partner of MICHELIN in the 2023 edition. "ReSeRVe" was written on the house's finest cuvees, which contain 100% Grand Cru grapes, meaning ‘reserved’. It led to the name of the current collection.

We explore these Michelin Guide Seoul 2023 restaurants and their pairing suggestions.

1 Star, MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023

Solbam received its first star a year after its opening by presenting a modern cuisine that exquisitely utilizes Korean heritage through cooking techniques and offers an outstanding balance of tastes, aromas and flavors. Our inspectors say that “Chef Eom Tae-jun’s wide range of culinary experience and expertise meet Korean elements. His study of local ingredients (guided by his respect for nature and Korea’s four seasons) and his knowledge of Korean cooking techniques culminate in an uncanny synergy that gives rise to the restaurant’s unique modern dishes. With each course, the chef’s passion and exemplary effort deliver a singularly rewarding gastronomic experience to guests.”

Chef Eom suggests sweet potato bread and caviar as a dish that goes well with RSRV Cuvee 4.5. Diners will enjoy the complex flavors from Fromage Blanc cheese, sweet potato custard, white kimchi, jujube and the finest caviar. The cute sweet potato-shaped bread is filled with sweet potatoes, and dusted with purple sweet potato powder on the outside.

"When I was young, I used to grill sweet potatoes on a wood fire with my friends in the countryside. My mom always brought me kimchi to eat with the sweet potatoes, which was a really nice combination. Sweet and soft sweet potatoes go great with salty, sour and crispy kimchi. This provides a perfect balance of flavor and texture. This memory is the inspiration of this dish," Chef Eom explains.

RSRV Cuvee 4.5 shows its balance of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. After more than four years of aging with grapes from 5 regions, it exudes a rich stone fruit scent reminiscent of apricots and ripe lemons leading to sweet honey and nougat. The fresh acidity of this Champagne and the lactic flavor of kimchi are combined, and the salty taste of caviar and jamon adds great harmony. The flavor and creamy texture of RSRV Cuvee 4.5 contributes a more complex flavor to the richness of Solbam’s dish.

Restaurant Jueun
Listed in MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023

Jueun is a Korean restaurant located behind Gyeonghuigung Palace in Jongno-gu, the most calm area of Seoul with a history. This restaurant provides facets of Korean beauty; in addition to Huh Sang-wook's Korean ceramics, beautiful artifacts and contemporary crafts fill the walls of the hall that impress diners. Chef Park Jueun's dishes similarly highlights the elegance of Korean food.


Chef Park prepared Yeongdeok Snow Crab Tangpyeong-chae with RSRV Cuvee Blanc de Blanc 2015. Yeongdeok snow crabs, which become sweeter in winter, are paired with fresh water parsley, bean sprouts, mushrooms and Olbanggae-muk (jelly) made in the kitchen. Its gentle and elegant flavor blends in the mouth and conveys the beauty of the season. "I think a chef should play a role in delivering good ingredients to guests. Even if it's the same ingredient, there is always a better one of the same name – so we have to constantly meet producers," he says. Jueun’s considerate Tangpyeong-chae captivates the heart with its neat charm.

RSRV Cuvee Blanc de Blanc 2015, which captures the freshness of the 100% finest Chardonnay grapes, melds with the delicate flavor of Tangpyeong-chae and delights the mouth. With hand-harvested grapes from the Cramant region, aged at least three years at a lower pressure (4.5 bar) than traditional Champagne, this elegant Champagne is full of feminine charm. From the light-yellow color, fresh citrus flavor and the charming finish that leads to a long aftertaste, this Champagne further emphasizes the beauty of Korean food shown by chef Park. Enjoy a beautiful pairing of food and Champagne, which adds color to the texture of the clean and tangy muk (jelly).

Restaurant Allen
1 Star, MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023

Restaurant Allen, named after Chef Allen Suh, is newly minted as a one-star restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2023, receiving favorable reviews for its beautiful presentation and delicate taste. Our inspectors say that “the chef and his veteran culinary team create dishes, based on seasonal ingredients, that illustrate the beauty of Korea’s four seasons. His mastery in utilizing a wide variety of tableware for the art of plating adds visual delight to the restaurant’s delicate flavors.”


Chef Suh suggests Allen’s caviar toast as a dish that goes well with RSRV Cuvee LALOU 2008. He introduces the dish by asking, "Is there a better combination than Champagne with caviar?" Allen's caviar toast uses both caviar and sturgeon flesh produced at the foot of Jirisan Mountain in Baekjeon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. Using 100% rye, the bread toast has a beautiful aroma. It is soaked in buttermilk after being toasted. Then, lightly cooked clam, chive and shallot is chopped and topped on top of the toast; also, the sturgeon slice is added, and then finished with clam sauce with caviar. It immediately reminds diners of a glass of Champagne with an intuitive flavor.

"I want to focus on the essence that my mind pursues in earnest. I've been paying a lot of attention to the appearance, but now I'm trying to take it out more and focus on the core of cooking and being myself," Chef Suh explains about his direction.

The RSRV Cuvee LALOU 2008, shows elegance and luxury in an exquisite blend. It is a premium Champagne that has been completed after 10 years of ageing by blending the best 7 kinds of grapes from Mumm’s vineyards, and has a complex flavor and a long aftertaste. The savory aroma reminiscent of brioche blends with crispy yet moist rye bread soaked in buttermilk, and the bright acidity of pear and lemon harmonizes with the savory taste of clams. The wonderful combination of transparent golden Champagne and Allen's caviar toast is enough to create a special moment.

Maison Mumm's philosophy, "Only the Best," echoes the MICHELIN chefs' willingness to present their customers with the finest delicacies. Enjoy great moments with the Champagnes of private collection Maison Mumm RSRV and these three MICHELIN chefs’ creations at their restaurants.

This article is edited by June Lee in English.


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