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MICHELIN Nordic Countries Sustainability Award 2020: Magnus Ek of Oaxen Krog & Oaxen Slip

Find out more about the winners of this special award for sustainability

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The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries 2020 was launched on Monday 17th February, at a Star Revelation event in Trondheim, Norway. It was hosted by the International Director of the MICHELIN Guides, Gwendal Poullennec.

During the event, special awards were presented for

• Sustainability
• Welcome and Service
• Chef Mentor

The MICHELIN Nordic Countries Sustainability Award 2020 was presented by Trond F. Mellingsæter – Country Manager of Danske Bank, Norway.

The Sustainability Award went to Magnus Ek and his team at Oaxen Krog and Oaxen Slip in Stockholm, Sweden, for embracing all elements of sustainability and sharing their knowledge with others.

Oaxen Krog and Oaxen Slip are set in a former boatshed in a delightful waterside spot on the island of Djurgården in central Stockholm.

Oaxen Krog achieved One MICHELIN Star in 2014 with Two MICHELIN Stars following a year later.
Its creative dishes are allied to nature and the seasons.

Oaxen Slip is a bustling bistro which was awarded a Bib Gourmand in 2013 for its wholesome, heartening cooking – and has held it every year since.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

Sustainability is a principle by which Magnus has lived and worked for many years – in fact, ever since he and his partner Agneta Green first opened their restaurant back in 1994. At this time, the restaurant was located on the Island of Oaxen, in Stockholm’s southern archipelago, and sustainability was very much part of their lifestyle.

More than a quarter of a century later, the team continue to work with a long-term perspective towards minimising their negative impact on the environment. This includes:

The sourcing of local and seasonal ingredients, including many from their own organic garden.

The promotion of the highest levels of animal health and welfare – and the sustainable use of marine resources.

The provision of a diverse menu with plenty of vegetarian options, to encourage a more balanced and sustainable consumption of meat, fish and shellfish.

The conversion of food waste into biogas, or compost for their garden.

The use of every possible part of each plant and animal.

The promotion of the wellbeing of staff, as well as equality and diversity for all employees, guests and suppliers.

On receiving the award, Magnus said,

“Sustainability is a thing we have been working with since the very start, so it’s wonderful.”

When asked which aspect of working sustainably he finds the most challenging, Magnus said it can be difficult “to spread the knowledge… to get everybody to understand how important it is to work sustainably – and also that sometimes you cannot do things that you want to do because it goes against sustainable cooking.”

In conclusion, Magnus said of sustainability:

“It’s an on-going project. It never stops.”

Long may he and his team continue their good work!

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