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MICHELIN Guide 2018
One Star • High quality cooking, worth a stop
Over 75 USD
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More than just an icon of the New York dining scene—Peter Luger is an idolized classic. Run on wheels by a team of gloriously forthright waiters, this munificent paean to beef doesn’t just serve legendary steaks, it provides a side helping of history too. The wood paneling and beer-hall tables tell of family gatherings, friends united, deal making, success celebrated and stories swapped. It’s evocative and unforgettable. It’s also unapologetically old-school—computerization and credit cards remain fanciful futuristic concepts, so you’ll need to come with a few Benjamins tucked into your wallet. Start with a thick slice of bacon to get your taste buds up to speed before the steak arrives. These slabs of finely marbled Porterhouse are dry-aged in-house for around 28 days,  which means there’s tenderloin on one side of the bone and strip steak on the other. They are then broiled to perfection, sliced before being brought to the table, and served with their own sauce as well as a host of sides, which range from their version of German fried potatoes to creamed spinach. If you can still feel a pulse after that, there's always cheesecake served with their equally famous "schlag" to finish you off.
  • { Private dining rooms
  • K Valet parking
  • : Cash only



Peter Luger

178 Broadway, NY 11211

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+1 718-387-7400

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Lunch & dinner daily

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