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4 Great Hong Kong Food Tours

Hong Kong’s best food tours serve you a slice of local culture, history and dining scene.

Depending on whom you ask, trip planning could be a fun or torturous exercise. If you happen to be visiting Hong Kong, sign up for these local food tours. Not only are they designed to let foreigners have a taste of the city, but locals will find these just as exciting and might even find some surprises along the way.

Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tours

Tai Po Market is one of the busiest food hubs in the New Territories. This food tour takes its guests to six iconic restaurants in the market for an authentic experience of the surroundings. Visitors will sample freshly made rice noodle rolls and other steamed dim sum at the open-air food stalls of the Tai Po Hui Cooked Food Center, as well as the deeply aromatic roast goose noodle soup in the neighborhood’s most famous roast goose shop.

The most adventurous point of the tour might be a trip to the snake shop, where participants will be served snake soup and glutinous rice—both local delicacies—and learn what makes the former a nutritious treat in winter. Finishing off with Chinese sweet soups and candies, this tour fills your stomach and mind with knowledge of everyday life in Hong Kong.

Walk in Hong Kong

Walk in Hong Kong explores the old Hong Kong through the area of Yau Ma Tei. The nightly affair visits the century-old Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market to see how the highest quality fruits from across the globe arrive in Hong Kong. Other historical landmarks include the vintage Mido Cafe with over 50 years of history, Grade II Historic Building Yau Ma Tei Theatre for some old folklore and the oh-so-vibrant Temple Street. There, visitors will hear mid-century songs and have their fortune told by feng shui masters under the banyan tree. The tour ends on a high note with a dinner most typical of the area.

Hong Kong’s famous herbal tea.
Hong Kong’s famous herbal tea.

Hello Hong Kong

Specializing in private tours and small group tours, Hello Hong Kong puts local at the forefront, highlighting must-have delicacies. The tour touches on the areas of Central, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai, beginning with a breakfast at a classic dim sum restaurant, followed by wonton noodles recommended by the MICHELIN Guide, the egg tart which captured the heart of the last British Governor of Hong Kong as well as the silky smooth “stocking milk tea.” Being in transit alone is a highlight, as the tram is the best way to take in the views of the streets.

An exclusive culinary experience is offered to guests staying at the JW Marriott Hong Kong.
An exclusive culinary experience is offered to guests staying at the JW Marriott Hong Kong.

JW Marriott Hong Kong

A trip to Hong Kong is hardly complete without a full-fledged Cantonese meal. Thankfully, the JW Marriott Hong Kong offers a "Gourmet Journey Package" exclusively for its guests. For a stay of at least two nights, patrons of the package can enjoy a six-course dinner at the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Man Ho.

Devised by the young executive chef Jayson Tang, the menu includes a barbecue meat platter, sour and spicy wonton soup, stir-fried baby vegetables with garlic and seafood fried rice. The most special dish from the mix is the award-winning deep-fried Kagoshima pork roll stuffed with foie gras, red onion and ginger. Thanks to the shrewd deep-frying technique, the pork appears luscious without excessive grease. The dinner concludes with local favorites like mini egg tart and mango pudding for dessert.

This article was written by Joe Chan and translated by Vincent Leung. Click here to read the original version of this story.


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