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What is a MICHELIN Green Star?

Introduced in 2020 during the presentation of the MICHELIN Guide France selection, and now deployed in all of the Guide's selections, the Green Star is the newest MICHELIN award. Let's take a closer look at this new green award.

Étoile Verte MICHELIN [French noun, feminine]: MICHELIN Green Star

Awarded to restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide selection that are role models when it comes to sustainable gastronomy. It promotes the most committed stakeholders and their concrete initiatives in an effort to stimulate the transformation of the sector, cultivate awareness across the board and accelerate action. The MICHELIN Green Star transcends the other MICHELIN Guide distinctions and can be awarded to any type of establishment recommended by the MICHELIN Guide.

Restaurant Assa, Blois ©G.Villa
Restaurant Assa, Blois ©G.Villa

What is the MICHELIN Green Star?
The Green Star is an accolade awarded annually. It highlights to restaurant-goers those places that distinguish themselves on account of their bold, sincere and highly committed approach to sustainable gastronomy.

Proposing a dining experience that has eco-responsibility at its core, these places are true role models, designing an alternative vision of gastronomy that is not only delicious but also virtuous.

Why did the MICHELIN Guide decide to create this award?
The Green Star was born out of the observations made in the field by the inspectors, and designed by the MICHELIN Guide teams to champion to all food lovers those establishments that stand out from the crowd owing to their highly committed approach to gastronomy.
The MICHELIN Guide's Green Star selection is a source of inspiration and a benchmark for both consumers and professionals. The aim behind it was also to encourage positive and dynamic dialogue within the restaurant industry, to raise awareness of the challenges of sustainable development and to contribute to a galvanising of all concerned.

Christophe Aribert ©DR
Christophe Aribert ©DR
Which initiatives can be rewarded with a Green Star?

A great many different kinds! To award the MICHELIN Green Star, our inspectors look at all of the eco-responsible initiatives of a given establishment that demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable gastronomy: from an awareness of the origin of the produce they use to a respect for seasonality… from the balance and composition of their menus to management of waste or of the restaurant's resources, or even the ability of staff to draw their customers' attention to the establishment's sustainable approach. In short, the initiatives can come in a variety of guises, depending on the issues and resources specific to each establishment.

Some Green Star winners might go even further, for example, by boosting their contribution to the local economy, or their energy self-sufficiency.

So, there is no precise formula and they are no absolute criteria, as each restaurant has its own particular set of traits. The MICHELIN Guide wishes to commend only the most remarkable actions and to encourage the creativity shown by restaurateurs when they devise new ways of taking a stand in the daily running of their restaurants.

Is Green Star a quality label?

No, and it is not intended to be. The Green Star is a distinction intended to guide restaurant-goers towards establishments where our inspectors have been impressed by the dining experience in terms of the commitment to sustainability fostered.

How do MICHELIN Guide inspectors select Green Star restaurants?

Our teams rely both on their field work, i.e. on the experiences of eating in that restaurant, as well as in-depth research, and conversations with restaurateurs regarding their eco-responsible practices.

Le chef Bruno Verjus ©DR
Le chef Bruno Verjus ©DR

Who is eligible for a MICHELIN Green Star?
Any restaurant listed in the MICHELIN Guide's selections can receive this distinction, irrespective of whether it holds a Bib Gourmand or MICHELIN Star(s).

How many Green Star restaurants are there in the world?
Today, out of more than 15,000 restaurants recommended by the MICHELIN Guide, just over 350 have obtained a MICHELIN Green Star. The award is given to the most committed institutions that act as pioneers and role models at the destination where they are located.

Where can I find the list of MICHELIN Green Star restaurants?
The Green Star can be found in our guidebooks, on our website and on our iOS and Android mobile applications. Green Star restaurants and their sustainable initiatives are also featured prominently on the MICHELIN Guide's various social networks.

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