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Starward Whisky Cocktails at True Laurel in San Francisco

Chef/owner David Barzelay and partner/beverage director Nicolas Torres pair Starward cocktails with strawberry beef tartare and king salmon belly tostadas.

MICHELIN Guide and Starward Whisky present an imaginative restaurant, True Laurel, in San Francisco. Created by chef David Barzelay and bar master Nicolas Torres, it’s the cool younger sibling of Two Star Lazy Bear.

Following a visit to One Star Porto in Chicago, this is part two of the MICHELIN x Starward G*Astronomy Series. Today we're introducing True Laurel chef/owner David Barzelay—a lawyer-turned-restaurateur—and his business partner/bar manager Nicolas Torres. 

🎥 Kathryn Sheldon
“Pet Friendly starts with Starward two-fold whisky. This whisky has beautiful undertones and some dark fruits, espresso, and chocolate that you taste, but it still has that youthful barley in the background, so you get that grain.”

Strawberry beef tartare with the Pet Friendly (Starward whisky, house strawberry caraway pet-nat, Wolfamer, and Pineau De Charentes)

Hipster-friendly and Mission-approved, True Laurel is a hit for everyone from early happy hour drinkers through late-night snackers. Sidle up to the custom bay laurel bar for delicious (if pricey) cocktails made with unique liquors like gooseberry brandy.

The menu focuses on small plates of refined comfort food, as well as creative presentations like tender sweetbreads tucked into grilled cabbage with broccoli spigarello and Caesar dressing. You may even taste an amuse-bouche from sibling Lazy Bear, such as crisp hen of the woods mushrooms with allium dip.

Desserts seem straightforward but are beautifully crafted, especially the sweet, savory and even bitter combination of bay leaf-ice cream drizzled with new olive oil and citrus confit.


King salmon belly tostada with the Sagan Summer (Starward whisky, house crème de pêche, Manzanilla, and Reisling)

True Laurel chef/pwner David Barzelay (left) and partner/bar manager Nicolas Torres (right)
True Laurel chef/pwner David Barzelay (left) and partner/bar manager Nicolas Torres (right)
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Presented in partnership with Starward

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