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Singapore Bib Gourmand 2024: Inspectors' Favourites

Our inspectors recommend the best dishes to order from the Singapore Bib Gourmand 2024 selection. Check them out!

Contrary to popular belief, the addresses featured in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore aren't just about pricey fine dining. From upscale establishments to hawker centres, trendy bistros to local coffee shop stalls, the MICHELIN Guide caters to all tastes, occasions, and budgets.

While Singapore offers a variety of upscale eats, a plethora of wallet-friendly meals are also available. Now that the 2024 Singapore Bib Gourmand selection has been released, we rounded up the must-try dishes recommended by our MICHELIN Guide inspectors. Enjoy!

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Noodles with Shredded Abalone, Char Siew, and Wontons

Chef Kang's Noodle House

Though it is a quick-service stall in an ordinary coffee shop, it still upholds Chef Kang's standards, just like his fine-dining MICHELIN-Starred restaurant. Serving dry wanton noodles topped with the chef's signature char siew, a smattering of pork lard, and parboiled mustard greens, Chef Kang's Noodle House is meticulous about both the cooking time and the consistency of the noodles.

The noodles, which are the special imported bamboo pole "jook sing" type from Hong Kong, are light and springy without the strong alkaline taste, making them perfect for the black soya sauce they are drenched in. The signature char siew is made with pork belly marinated overnight and roasted in a charcoal oven, achieving a beautifully charred finish. Each serving of noodles comes with a milky-rich chicken soup and bouncy wontons filled with shrimp, minced meat, and water chestnuts. Pieces of crispy lard and shredded abalone crown the noodles, bringing a fragrant crunch and an umami flavour to the dish.

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Plain Naan

Delhi Lahori

It is hard to ignore the fragrant smell from a charcoal tandoor emanating from this shop. Serving Pakistani and northern Indian classics, Delhi Lahori stands out from many other Indian stalls in Tekka Centre. Their naan is baked using the most traditional methods.

This smooth process involves rolling out the dough, flattening it, and then sticking it to the inner walls of a tandoor oven. The experienced tandoor master knows his clay oven inside out, and the intense heat creates air pockets in the dough as it bakes, resulting in a naan that is both fluffy and crispy.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide


Focaccina with San Marzano Tomatoes


The focaccia is homemade with 80% Semola flour and precise temperature control, resulting in the perfect texture and thickness. The crust is crispy, while the inside is beautifully bubbly, fluffy, and aromatic.

The restaurant's culinary philosophy is "Cucina Povera", which employs simple ingredients and techniques to create bold and hearty flavours. The toppings are straightforward but of high quality.

The San Marzano tomatoes from Southern Italy come juicy and flavourful, and the mozzarella is tender and rich with a creamy taste. Paired with fresh basil leaves, it forms a classic Italian combination. At 8" in size, it's perfect for sharing with friends and family!

Photo: Fico

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Sliced Fish Bee Hoon

Han Kee

This store consistently has long lines, so if you're aiming to try the fish soup, it's best to arrive early to avoid the lunchtime crowds.

The fish used is mackerel, sliced thicker for a meaty, bouncy texture with great elasticity. The cooking time and temperature are perfect, ensuring the fish meat is moist. The clear fish broth boasts a rich umami flavour and is garnished with deep-fried minced garlic, adding fragrance and a crispy texture. Even the cabbage is well-prepared, offering a fresh, sweet taste.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Penang Assam Laksa

Jason Penang Cuisine

No need to travel far — this stall offers an authentic taste of Penang. The friendly Penang-born husband and wife team, who previously served as resident chefs for the British High Commissioner for fourteen years, have ventured out on their own. Alongside Penangese classics like char kway teow and prawn mee, this stall is renowned for its Penang assam laksa.

They use fresh yellowtail fish to prepare the soup base starting at 5:00 a.m. The tangy, mildly spicy fish broth has a complex flavour that pairs beautifully with the rice noodles. The shrimp paste enhances the umami, but it's the fresh mint that gives each bowl its distinctive taste.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Chicken Rice

Margaret Drive Sin Kee Chicken Rice

When this renowned chicken rice stall opened along Margaret Drive years ago, it changed its English name, but the family tradition of making chicken rice remained unchanged. The chicken is perfectly poached, resulting in tender, moist, and flavourful meat. It is drizzled with a light sauce made of chicken drippings, sesame oil, and light soy sauce. The aromatic rice, infused with ginger, scallions, and pandan leaves, complements the chicken perfectly. Essential dipping sauces complete the meal, with options including a house-made ground ginger sauce and an addictive chilli sauce — simply delicious.

Photo: MP Thai (Vision Exchange)
Photo: MP Thai (Vision Exchange)

Prawn Tom Yum Soup

MP Thai (Vision Exchange)

The hot red soup boasts a delightful balance of sourness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness, making it very flavourful. It is generously filled with prawns that offer an incredible umami taste and a pleasantly bouncy texture.

Photo: MICHELIN Guide
Photo: MICHELIN Guide

Fish Maw Double Fish Soup

Song Fish Soup

This mixed fish soup features three varieties: fish maw, fried fish, and fish slices — made-to-order with thick-cut fish meat. The flavour is fresh and sweet, with the fried fish boasting a crispy outer layer, while retaining juicy meat inside. The fish maw has a soft, springy texture, and the smooth fish broth is easy to drink. It also includes tomatoes, greens, sliced cucumber, and fried tofu skin, resulting in an overall excellent flavour and balance.

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