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Seoul hotels to start your day with spring flowers

Book a hotel in the neighborhood best known for all types of spring flowers in full bloom in Seoul. Seoul is expected to have flowers in full bloom throughout the weekend and the following week.

The first thing that helps you notice the arrival of the new spring season is flowers blooming up every corner in the city of Seoul.

It is never easy to tell when exactly the flowers are in full bloom, especially with temperature swings. For his year, this weekend or now until Seoul gets a hit with a rain shower is the best time to enjoy the utmost floral scene.

Many just assume that cherry blossoms are the only thing that makes the new season feel like spring, but Korea has magnolia (mongnyeon), forsythia (gaenari) and azalea (jindallae) that embellish the streetside everywhere as well.

Usually magnolia flowers arrive first to signal the new season alongside plum flowers (maehwa), and then forsythia and azalea follow before the cherry blossoms hit. Yet this year, with the delayed rise in average temperatures, Seoul sees a rare scene of all the springs flowers are in full bloom at the same time.

Some neighborhoods are better known for spring flowers. The three major areas are Seokchon Lake in Songpa District, southern Seoul, Yeouido District in western Seoul, and Namsan in central Seoul. Book a stay at hotels in these neighborhoods so that the first and last thing you get to see every day can be flowers.

The view of the Seokchon Lake at night [SUMMER LEE]
The view of the Seokchon Lake at night [SUMMER LEE]

Around Seokchon Lake in Songpa District, southern Seoul


It is not only easy to walk over to the Seokchon Lake to have flowers right in front of your eyes, but also possible to see them from high up when you stay at Signiel. It is located in Korea’s highest building Lotte World Tower, so it is possible to be not part of a big crowd yet to see flowers embellishing the walkway around the lake. If you don’t mind the crowd, walk about 1 minute to reach the cherry blossom trees. Be a morning person at least for one day, and head out to the lake before 8 a.m. Then you can enjoy the flowers without too many people blocking your sight.

Around Yeouido District, western Seoul

Glad Hotel Yeouido
Conrad Seoul

Yeouido, better known as a financial district than a residential neighborhood, is one of the areas that get the busiest during the spring with an influx of people coming from all around the capital city. Most of the roads covered with cherry blossoms are usually packed with people taking photos. Yet, you will be surprised that you won’t notice the crowd as much because you will be mostly looking up. Another perk of going to this neighborhood for flowers is its proximity to the Yeouido Hangang Park by the Han river. Enjoy the spring breeze while seated down on the grass, and even order some food delivery to make a picnic of your own. Depends on your budget, you can choose between Glad Hotel Yeouido and Conrad Seoul: for more luxurious experience, go to Conrad, and for a more budget-friendly overnight stay, go to Glad.

Around Namsan, central Seoul

Grand Hyatt Seoul
Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul

Namsan, a mountain located in the north of the Han river, has traditionally been the area where locals head out to feel the changes of season. While most of the neighborhoods in Seoul known for cherry blossom is on the flat land, here you can do a light hiking. You can also get on a rental bicycle to do a bit of an uphill ride to get your daily workout done whilst enjoying the floral view. Given its proximity to nature in the heart of Seoul, hotels on Namsan are pricier. Luxury chains have built home here such as Grand Hyatt Seoul and Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul. If you want to stay close to Namsan yet wish to stay at a more budget-friendly hotel, go to north of Namsan, which is Myeongdong. Hotel 28 Myeongdong and L7 Myeongdong are more affordable options if you don’t mind walking a bit to Namsan or get on a bus or taxi.


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