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Dining In 3 minutes
Technique Thursday: Chinese-style Smoking

Smoking heated tea leaves or wood shavings imparts colour, aroma and fragrance to ingredients and is one of the techniques of Chinese cuisine.


Dining In 2 minutes
6 Most Common Varieties Of Edible Seaweed
These vegetables of the sea are tasty, versatile and packed with nutrients.
Dining In 3 minutes
Recipe: Naturally-dyed Easter Eggs And 5 Ways To Decorate Them
This Easter, have fun with the children and colour your Easter eggs with a pretty and natural twist.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Teochew Oyster Pancake
Learn how to make classic Teochew oyster pancakes with the recipe shared by Michelin Plate restaurant Pak Loh Chiu Chow in Hong Kong.
Dining In 2 minutes
Technique Thursdays: Aspic
The thought of jiggly savoury meat jelly might be off-putting to some, but the long process of putting together a proper aspic is part of its lingering appeal.
Dining In 1 minute
Huat To Say During Lo Hei
Don’t know what to say at the reunion table during lo hei? Here are some tips to remember the auspicious sayings that will knock your relatives’ socks off.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ingredient: Coriander
Much like realising the girl next door you grew up with all of a sudden became the centre of attention on the runway, Taiwanese people recently found a new perspective on coriander.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: Halloween Bento
Shirley Wong, the food artist better known on Instagram as Little Miss Bento, makes a Halloween creation so boo-tiful you won’t bear to eat it.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ingredient: Red Mushrooms From China’s Wuyi Mountains
This rare red fungus foraged in the deep mountains is also known as the Oriental truffle.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ingredient: Hawthorn
Hawthorn is your saviour whenever you have a substantial or greasy meal.
Dining In 1 minute
Recipe: A Deconstructed Wedding Cake
Surprise your guests with this simple dessert that evokes the sweetness of wedded bliss, no oven required.
Dining In 4 minutes
Recipe: Momofuku Noodle Bar’s Shiitake Buns
David Chang shares his recipe for the popular and addictive dish from his first restaurant.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Tea Egg
The more ordinary a food appears, the more wisdom there is hidden behind the surface. Chef Kai Ho from one-Michelin-starred Taïrroir in Taipei shares his glamorous take on tea egg, the everyman of our culinary culture.
Dining In 2 minutes
Ingredient: Pandan
Find out why pandan is one of the most beloved ingredients in Thai cuisine.
Dining In 2 minutes
Pro Tips On Chopping Up A Whole Cooked Chicken
Besides family and friends, chicken is probably the next most important thing in a festive Chinese dinner. Celebrity Cuisine’s executive chef Cheng Kam Fu shared with us the know-hows of chopping up a cooked whole chicken.
Dining In 2 minutes
Asking The Expert: Choosing Pu’er Tea
How do novice pu’er tea drinkers choose quality products? Ann Sit from Fook Ming Tong offers tips.
Dining In 2 minutes
Recipe: Deep-fried Fish Skin With Salted Egg Yolk
Chef Chan Yan-tak from three-Michelin-starred restaurant Lung King Heen demonstrates how to prepare this umami-rich snack.
Dining In 3 minutes
Recipe: Tagliarini With Brown Shrimps, Violet Artichokes, Butter And Parsley
British celebrity chef Theo Randall shares a recipe that holds precious memories of his travels through Italy.
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