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October: Our Most Exciting New Hotels

Every month, the hotel specialists at The MICHELIN Guide share their top discoveries from around the world

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The establishments listed below are part of The MICHELIN Guide's selection of over 5,000 hotels. Each of them has been chosen by our experts for its style, service and unique personality – and each can be booked via The MICHELIN Guide website and app.

Magma Resort Santorini
Santorini, Greece

Named after the volcanic rock on which it stands, Magma Santorini makes a powerful argument for the outer edge of this crescent-shaped island. It faces the Aegean rather than the inner caldera, which trades a dramatic view for a rather subtler one – and which affords the resort a substantial expanse of extra space.

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Bluebird Sunapee
Newbury, New Hampshire, USA

Just outside of Newbury, on the shores of Lake Sunapee, is Bluebird Sunapee, a rustic, rural boutique hotel with an eye for design and an appealingly adventurous bent. It’s the work of Lark Hotels, who are inspired by the latest hospitality trends yet stay true to the traditions of the places in which they're set.

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Pazziella Garden & Suites
Capri, Italy

The island of Capri has long been synonymous with a certain luxe seclusion, and Pazziella Garden does nothing to disabuse travellers of this association. It succeeds in establishing an atmosphere of luxurious tranquility – much of it is due to the calming effect of the gardens prominently featured in the hotel’s name.

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Soho House Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey

Soho House Istanbul is set in a palazzo built by a 19th-century Genoese merchant. The location is spectacular, right in the heart of the ancient district of Beyoğlu. It’s no time machine, though – the Soho House experience, as ever, is a thoroughly modern one.

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Kimpton Kitalay Samui
Koh Samui, Thailand

This California-born brand looks just as at home in Thailand as it does on the other side of the Pacific Rim. Kimpton Kitalay Samui stands over Choeng Mon Beach, a location that’s both convenient and surprisingly tranquil, and in its style it’s a lively blend of contemporary design and traditional Thai motifs.

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The Georgian
Santa Monica, California, USA

A rare piece of Old Hollywood glamour in modern Santa Monica, The Georgian is nothing if not distinctive. Its history since its opening in the Thirties is not unbroken, but under new owners it’s been restored to an approximation of its former glory, and it immediately established itself as one of Santa Monica’s hippest hotels.

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Redchurch Townhouse
London, England

The Soho House brand, as you might suspect, was born in a more central neighbourhood. But in the intervening years, Shoreditch has evolved into London’s hippest area – a centre for the arts in particular – making it an obvious choice for another Soho House club and hotel: Redchurch Townhouse.

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Canyon Ranch Tucson
Tucson, Arizona, USA

To say that Canyon Ranch Tucson is an all-inclusive spa and wellness resort is a bit like saying The Beatles were a rock band from Liverpool – it’s certainly accurate, but it leaves out both of their central roles in defining their genres, as well as the significance of their continued influence on the form.

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AlmaLusa Comporta
Comporta, Portugal

The Comporta Peninsula is known for its endless expanse of idyllic Atlantic-facing beach. Less well travelled is the village of Comporta itself – but that’s where you’ll find AlmaLusa, a hotel remarkable for its ability to deliver a stylish and relaxing experience at a price that doesn’t exclude the vast majority of travellers.

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Hotel Santa María Briones
Briones, Spain

Set within the stone walls of a 16th century manor house, Santa María Briones is a 16-room luxury boutique hotel that makes a compelling case for Spain’s Rioja lifestyle: rich history, modern design, artfully prepared local cuisine and some extraordinary wine.

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Hero image: The Georgian – Santa Monica, California


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