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Nine Boutique Hotels to Know in Georgia

We've chosen nine boutique hotels from the MICHELIN Guide selection, each offering its own unique spin on Southern hospitality.

These Georgia hotels are part of the Michelin Guide hotel selection. Each of the 5000+ hotels in the selection has been chosen by our experts for its extraordinary style, service, and personality — and each can be booked on the Michelin Guide website and app.

The Drayton Hotel
Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia’s riverfront district may be historic, but unlike its counterparts in some other Southern cities, it’s not a time capsule — this is also a youthful and vibrant city, where a spirit of creativity permeates everything. It’s the perfect setting, in other words, for a boutique hotel like the Drayton, behind whose 19th-century stone façade lie interiors that are historically informed but unmistakably contemporary.

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Perry Lane Hotel
Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is a town that’s incredibly rich in history, and if you arrive expecting to be put up in some grand plantation-style mansion, you’re not completely out of line. You might be surprised by Perry Lane Hotel, however; this Luxury Collection establishment contains plenty of references to Savannah’s aesthetic heritage, but it’s unmistakably contemporary, both in its architecture and in its approach to high-end hospitality.

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Thompson Buckhead
Atlanta, Georgia

As Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district increases its cultural cachet, it also increases its need for hotels that are a little more stylish than the luxury-hotel old guard. It’s an assignment tailor-made for the Thompson group, and the Thompson Buckhead is a perfect adaptation of this New York–born brand to the capital of the South.

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Hotel Clermont
Atlanta, Georgia

Not all that long ago, Atlanta’s Clermont Hotel was famous for two things: the landmark sign on its rooftop radio tower, and the Clermont Lounge, a legendary slice of nightlife in the basement. Both of those features still exist, but what’s in between them — a 1920s red-brick edifice that’s seen good times and bad — has been thoroughly renovated, and reinvented as a 94-room boutique hotel, complete with a hip restaurant by a celebrated local chef and a couple of in-demand nightspots.

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Stonehurst Place Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia

We’ve nothing against bed and breakfasts per se; they’re not simply small hotels, but something else entirely. Occasionally, though, we come across one that’s extraordinary enough that we’re forced to take notice, and this is one of those times. Atlanta in general does oversized nouveau riche as well as anyone, but Stonehurst Place is proof that they’ve still got a flair for the classic as well.

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Kimpton Sylvan Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia

Its name is a reference to Atlanta’s unofficial nickname, “a city in a forest,” and the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel’s location, in a leafy corner of Buckhead, makes good on the promise. This upscale neighborhood was once strictly luxury-hotel territory; a boutique hotel like the Kimpton Sylvan is a welcome addition, and a sign that the two branches of the hospitality world are closer together than ever before.

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The Candler Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia

This historic 1906 Beaux Arts skyscraper was built by Asa Griggs Candler, the Coca-Cola Company founder who would go on to serve as Atlanta’s mayor. A little over a century later, it’s been restored to something like its former glory, and opened to the public as The Candler. Its public spaces are proudly historical in style, while its rooms and suites are a contemporary tribute, and include subtle Southern details and luxury-hotel comforts.

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The Bohemian Hotel
Savannah, Georgia

With its picturesque setting and creative atmosphere Savannah is like no other city in Georgia — this is probably the only town this side of New Orleans where a hotel like the Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront would feel at home. It’s set in the vibrant riverfront historic district, and it dials the romance up to ten with interiors that are colorful and decadent enough to make this writer wonder what Titanic might have looked like with Tim Burton behind the camera.

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Graduate Athens
Athens, Georgia

Athens is not just home to one of the biggest public universities in the South, but it’s also something of a counterculture capital, with the best music scene this side of Nashville and a bohemian streak a mile wide. The Graduate Athens, like all the Graduate hotels, does its level best to do justice to the local tradition, which in UGA’s case means satisfying diehard Bulldogs fans on game day as well as rock-and-roll types in town for a pilgrimage to the 40 Watt.

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Hero image: Hotel Clermont — Atlanta, Georgia


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