Travel 16 November 2023

MICHELIN Guide Malta: Honey in all its glory

A local product par excellence, Maltese honey represents the country’s history and culinary riches – and no mention can be made of Maltese cuisine without it being referenced.

Honey Editor's Pick Malta

In this video, beekeepers Ray Sciberras and Jorge Spiteri take us back to the time of the Romans and tell us all about the Apis Mellifera Ruttneri – the Maltese honeybee.

We then see how the honey they produce plays a key role at the Camilleri & Sons Bakery, where among the many delicacies, you’ll find delicate Zeppoli Ta' San Guzepp pastries drizzled with honey.

But it doesn't stop at pastry, as chef Robert Cassar of restaurant Root 81 makes clear. "Honey, in my eyes, is like butter – you can use it with everything," he says.


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