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A new Two Star restaurant is highlighted in the selection of the MICHELIN Guide Portugal 2024

With Antiqvvm in Porto, Portugal adds a new Two Star MICHELIN restaurant, bringing the total to 8 establishments. 4 new restaurants have been awarded a MICHELIN Star, bringing to 31 the number of establishments recognised with this distinction. Finally, 2 new restaurants are honored with the MICHELIN Green Star and 8 have been awarded the Bib Gourmand.

Michelin is delighted to present the 2024 selection of the MICHELIN Guide Portugal. This marks the first time in the history of the MICHELIN Guide that the updates for the Portuguese culinary scene are presented at an exclusive Gala. The event took place on February 27th in Algarve, at the NAU Salgados Palace & Congress Center in Guia, Albufeira.

This year, the MICHELIN Guide Portugal recommends a total of 167 restaurants, of which 30 are new to the selection.The international team of inspectors, after reaching a consensus on their verdict, confirms that Portugal is experiencing a moment of great culinary maturity. The gastronomic dynamism is evident, leading to new openings and intriguing culinary proposals across the territory, not only in large cities such as Lisbon and Porto.

At the same time, they highlight the fact that young chefs who are starting their own businesses come with the "plus" of having been trained in large restaurants. Collaborations are on the rise and there’s a noticeable increase in the number of gastronomic restaurants within hotels, as they are seeing that haute cuisine is not just another offer within their services but a truly differentiating element.

One more restaurant joins the select group of Two MICHELIN Stars

With the new addition to the selection, and the renewal of the previous two-starred restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide Portugal 2024 now has 8 establishments in this category.

Antiqvvm, Porto
Vitor Matos is the chef who shines the brightest in this edition; not only for his outstanding work at Antiqvvm, but also for his moment of great culinary plenitude with the opening of new businesses and various collaborations under his gastronomic tutelage (Blind, Hool, 2Monkeys, Salão Nobre, Onze...). In Antiqvvm, a restaurant that stands out for its wonderful views of the Douro (from the terrace) and its unique location in the same palace where the Museu Romântico is located, he brings to light all his creativity, his technical mastery and his culinary expertise, but also his particular obsession in offering dishes that, being original, remain natural and harmonious, in communion with the finest seasonal products. His proposal invites gourmets to go "around the world" with their palate, transcending the purely gastronomic, because, as he points out, through his dishes he seeks to "promote the values of a cultural, natural, evolutionary, social and artistic cuisine".

Silken & Smooth tofu Monte Fuji (Chilli / Citrinos / Manga / Caril de Goa) © @Lino-Silva/Antiqvvm
Silken & Smooth tofu Monte Fuji (Chilli / Citrinos / Manga / Caril de Goa) © @Lino-Silva/Antiqvvm

4 new restaurants are awarded a MICHELIN Star

The MICHELIN Guide Portugal 2024 confirms the country's gastronomic growth with four new additions. The total number of establishments in this category now stands at 31.

2Monkeys, Lisbon
Chefs Vitor Matos and Francisco Quinta have revolutionized Lisbon's gastronomic scene with this restaurant, located inside the Torel Palace Lisbon hotel. Here, the experience takes on a new dimension as they attempt to narrate the flavours of Portugal from a creative perspective and around a gastronomic bar, so the atmosphere is more informal and there is a constant dialogue with the diner.

Desarma, Funchal
On the rooftop of The Views Baía hotel in Funchal is a restaurant with magnificent views of the coastline that exudes originality from every pore. Chef Octávio Freitas' proposal reimagines the culinary experience as an imaginary battle between the senses and each flavour, always exalting the splendid larder of the Madeira archipelago.

Panoramic dining room of the Desarma restaurant © Henrique Seruca/Desarma
Panoramic dining room of the Desarma restaurant © Henrique Seruca/Desarma

Ó Balcão, Santarém
In this establishment, which is reminiscent of an old tavern, chef Rodrigo Castelo defends the essence of Ribatejo cuisine. His proposal values the region's products and seeks authenticity, focusing on defending native river species, which has led him to take a stand against invasive species that upset the natural balance.

SÁLA by João Sá, Lisbon
Chef João Sá invites diners into what he considers his home, to discover other lands and other flavours, inspired by the travels of the Portuguese. His proposal goes from local sourced products and approaches, very localised in Portugal, to others with an exotic touch, with special nods to the Asian world.

© Manuel Manso/SÁLA de João Sá
© Manuel Manso/SÁLA de João Sá

8 new Bib Gourmand and 2 MICHELIN Green Stars

If there is one distinction that gourmets all over the world are in love with, it is the Bib Gourmand, represented by the iconic Bibendum, smiling. This award, which appeared in 1997 to highlight the restaurants with the best quality/price ratio, shows 32 establishments in Portugal, 8 of them new this year.

The new recipients of this award are: Flora (Viseu), Inato Bistrô (Braga), Norma (Guimarães), Olaias (Figueira da Foz), OMA (Baião), O Pastus (Paço de Arcos), Patio 44 (Porto) and PODA (Montemor-o-Novo).

Regarding the MICHELIN Green Stars, the distinction that recognises initiatives or commitment to sustainable gastronomy, this year's selection features a total of 5 establishments, 2 of which are new: Malhadinha Nova (Albernoa), where they defend the traditions of Alentejo with a focus on circular economy; and Ó Balcão (Santarém), also awared this same year with its first MICHELIN Star and surprises with its dedication to river fish, trying to maintain the fluvial balance of the region and eradicate invasive species.

Arroz de marisco / Carabineiro © Rafael Valle/Inato Bistrô
Arroz de marisco / Carabineiro © Rafael Valle/Inato Bistrô

21 New Recommended Restaurants

This category is the one that best demonstrates that Portuguese cuisine is enjoying a moment of splendour, with many gastronomic openings scattered throughout the country. Of the 96 Recommended restaurants listed in the MICHELIN Guide Portugal 2024, it is a pleasure to note 21 newcomers. There are names that praise local products, such as O Palco (Coimbra) or Horta (Funchal), options designed for a getaway as they are located in hotels or beautiful estates (Quinta do Tedo Familia Geadas, in Folgosa; Bomfim 1896 with Pedro Lemos, in Pinhão; Blind, in Porto; Vinha, in Vila Nova de Gaia) and proposals capable of making us travel the world, such as Ma (Coimbra) or Downunder by Justin Jennings (Lisbon).

Salada de queijo de cabra gratinado com lentilhas, puré de aipo e sementes de abóbora © Henrique Seruca/Horta
Salada de queijo de cabra gratinado com lentilhas, puré de aipo e sementes de abóbora © Henrique Seruca/Horta

3 Special Awards

There are individuals and teams who have particularly impressed the inspectors during their work trips, so their names came to the fore when it came to awarding the special prizes.

• MICHELIN Young Chef Award - Presented by Makro
Rita Magro, who is the resident chef at the Blind restaurant under the tutelage of award-winning chef Vitor Matos, has attracted the attention of the inspectors both for her proposal, which is not lacking in personality, and for her conception of the daily work behind the cooker, setting herself. Challenges that lead to constant improvements in the conception of the dishes.

• MICHELIN Service Award - Presented by Michelin
The Yeatman in Vila Nova de Gaia, with two MICHELIN stars, is one of the most luxurious restaurants in the Porto area. This is where the daily work of Pedro Marques shines, a man who understands the service from passion and who has been able to instil in his team, through leadership, the values of the profession to enrich the gastronomic narrative that the chef wants to convey to the diner.

• MICHELIN Sommelier Award - Awarded by NX Wines & Spirits
Choosing that wine that matches a dish and intensifies the flavours is no easy task and Leonel Nunes, the sommelier of Il Gallo d'Oro (Funchal), with Two MICHELIN Stars and a Green Star, does it perfectly. His ability to expand the restaurant's excellent cellar with unique bottles and to find those Madeiran wines that are capable of telling us stories allows him to further enhance the already excellent gastronomic proposal of chef Benoît Sinthon, which makes him worthy of this recognition.

© Henrique Seruca/Il Gallo d'Oro
© Henrique Seruca/Il Gallo d'Oro

The selection of hotels in the MICHELIN Guide Portugal complements the selection of restaurants and is available, free of charge, on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. This selection presents unique and truly exciting destinations both in Portugal and around the world. Each hotel has been chosen by the MICHELIN Guide selection team for its extraordinary style, service and personality, and they can all be booked directly on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. Some of the highlights of this selection in Portugal include intimate boutique hotels, such as the Solar Egaz Moniz Charming House or the Sublime Comporta, and truly unique establishments within our "Plus" collection, such as the Vila Foz Hotel & SPA, the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa or the Bela Vista Hotel & SPA. The MICHELIN Guide, a benchmark in the world of gastronomy, sets a new standard for hotels today. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website or download the free mobile app on your phone to discover all the MICHELIN Guide selections and book unforgettable hotels and restaurants.

Hero image: © Gonçalo Santos/Fortaleza do Guincho

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