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The MICHELIN Guide Belgrade highlights 22 restaurants in its new 2024 selection

Five new restaurants make their debut in the MICHELIN Guide Belgrade 2024, with talented and dynamic chefs still demonstrating attention to quality.

Thanks to these five new establishments, a new Bib Gourmand and four recommended restaurants, Belgrade continues to offer high-quality cuisine with an international outlook.

The MICHELIN Guide Belgrade 2024 is pleased to present the new selection of restaurants in the Serbian capital. In this third edition, five new restaurants have been included in the Guide's recommendations, bringing the number of establishments highlighted by the inspectors to 22.

“Our inspectors noticed great enthusiasm in the restaurant scene, and they focused attentively, in the city of Belgrade on small bistros and vibrant cuisine. The previous selection was confirmed, even if some chefs have changed, confirming that restaurant entrepreneur still have a great vision of food and beverages,” explained Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “Both in the old city and in the quaint neighborhoods, the famously anonymous inspectors remarked a focus on local production, simple yet tasty recipes and an interesting balance between traditional Serbian and modern cuisine, with an international touch.”

A new Bib Gourmand restaurant

One new Bib Gourmand was assigned to a new restaurant in the selection, Istok, proposing simple but generous authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The inspectors particularly appreciated the Goi Cuon, a vegetarian summer roll. The ambience is a classic oriental setting, enhanced by traditional lanterns.


4 new recommended establishments

In addition to this new Bib Gourmand restaurant, 4 new addresses appear in the 2024 selection:

Klub Književnika, more than 70 years of history for this emblematic Serbian eatery; one of the most popular cultural cafés to emerge after World War II. The atmosphere is traditional with a cozy decor. A must-eat here is the Gibanica, with cheese and aromatic herbs – 25 minutes waiting time but all worthwhile!

Klub Književnika
Klub Književnika

L'Adresse is located in the luxury Saint Ten Hotel, with the Temple of San Sava just a few meters away. The international cuisine tends towards central Europe, with a lovely beef carpaccio and simple, fusion-style tuna filet, with mixed vegetables and Sichuan pepper to turn up the heat.


Na Ćošku, located in the east of the city in a quiet neighborhood, is a French bistro-style restaurant with an inviting atmosphere and a mix of Serbian and international cuisine. Lamb in white wine is a house classic, tasty and evocative of Serbia and its interesting meat production.

Pinòt, positioned halfway between innovation and classic cuisine with a wide menu. It produces fresh, seasonal cuisine, which changes frequently, generous portions and classic preparations presented in graceful forms. It is located in new Belgrade, the modern part of the city. The inspectors recommend the mixed fresh mushroom salad with cheese and extra virgin olive oil, fragrant and seasonal if you visit at the right time of the year.


In addition to these five new addresses, all the establishments listed in the 2023 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Belgrade are reconfirmed in the 2024 selection.
The selection of restaurants recommended by the MICHELIN Guide Belgrade 2024 is available free of charge on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. It joins the Guide's hotel selection, which highlights the most exclusive places to stay in Belgrade and around the world.

Each hotel in the Guide is selected for its exceptional style, service, and personality (with packages to suit all budgets) and can be booked directly on the MICHELIN Guide website and app. In Belgrade, discover ideal addresses for young and budget travelers like Mama Shelter Belgrade, or mountain lodges like Viceroy Kopaonik, and designer boutiques like Townhouse 27 and Hotel Indigo.
The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in the field of gastronomy. It now offers a fresh and demanding approach to hotel recommendations. Visit the MICHELIN Guide website: www.guide.michelin.com or download our free app available on iOS and Android to discover the restaurants in the selection and to book an unforgettable hotel.

The MICHELIN Guide is a reference in terms of gastronomy. It now offers a new and exacting approach to hotel recommendations. Go to the MICHELIN Guide website:  https://guide.michelin.com/rs/en/ or download our application available free of charge on iOS and Android, to discover all the restaurants in the selection and to book an unforgettable hotel.

Hero image: L'Adresse

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