Features 24 March 2022

MICHELIN Guide Slovenia : Ksenija Mahorčič, chef at Mahorčič [VIDEO]

The MICHELIN Guide takes you on a trip to Slovenia to discover the treasures of this country, its chefs, its products and its producers. Following the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Slovenia in september 2021, we take a closer look at Mahorčič, run by chef Ksenija Mahorčič.

At Mahorčič, chef Ksenija’s cuisine is a real homage to these brave women farmers, influenced by the traditional ways to preserve and ferment fresh produce. Her plates are strictly local and seasonal. Thanks to her Michelin Green Star, she hopes to convince more and more food industry professionals, including hygiene inspectors, that there are alternatives to plastic and aluminum in a restaurant’s kitchen. As an example, she proudly holds up a glass jar containing a potica, the traditional -and probably most famous - Slovenian cake, made out of rolled dough, which is usually presented as a round, elevated piece of pastry. Chef Ksenija is famous for her desserts - and rightly so. Her signature sorbet, made with pear from the Brkini orchards region, rests on a surprising block of ice containing juniper berries. It is subtle and tender, and elegantly finishes off an excellent meal dominated by the Jamar cheese flan, another one of her specialties, a divinely melt-in-the-mouth dish with truffles and a crispy egg yolk, based on an old, local and slightly spicy type of cheese.


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