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MICHELIN-Recommended Eats Along the Kaohsiung Metro Line

6 Restaurants
In Kaohsiung, you’ll find MICHELIN-recommended delights all along the Kaohsiung Metro.
Updated on 20 January 2023

Covering a large swathe of territory and well-connected by spacious roads, most Kaohsiung residents are used to driving or riding motorcycles. But for visitors wanting a taste of MICHELIN recommended food, there are many easily accessible establishments along the Kaohsiung Metro. The metro consists of the Red and Orange Lines that intersect at Formosa Boulevard Station, which is known as the heart of the metro, famous for its shell-shaped entrance and beautiful glass mosaic art at the Dome of Light. From there, the Kaohsiung Circular light rail passes through many other famous scenic spots in the city.

In this guide, our Michelin inspectors have specially compiled the restaurants and eateries featured in the latest MICHELIN Guide situated along the Kaohsiung metro system. Hop on a train and follow the map to explore the myriad of delicacies representing the major city of southern Taiwan.

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Ciao Zai Tou Huang's Braised Pork Rice (Ciaotou)
106 Ciaonan Road, Ciaotou District, Kaohsiung
$ · Small eats

This six-decades-old joint is located within a five-minute walk from Ciaotou Sugar Factory along Ciaonan Road, also known as Qiaotou Old Street, a historic thoroughfare for north-south trade since the 18th century. Here, the braised pork rice is a nostalgic dish for many of its locals. If you are coming from, or traveling to other counties and cities, you can also walk to Ciaotou Station for a transfer.

Cheng's Noodles
5, Lane 201, Sinle Street, Yancheng District, 803 Kaohsiung
$ · Noodles

This Bib Gourmand establishment is hidden in the alleys of Yancheng District. The soulful food offered here include an array of freshly prepared side dishes and labor-intensive pork bone broth in which its signature noodles are cooked. The spotless environment and elegant tableware reflect the owner's attention to detail. The store is a five-minute walk from Yanchengpu Station.

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Duck Zhen
258 Wufu 4th Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung
$ · Small eats

Bib Gourmand Duck Zhen is a well-known old local restaurant that you must not miss when in Yancheng District. In its 60-year history, the signature smoked duck platter has won the palates for many a gourmand. The store operates around the clock so visitors can get a taste of its delicious offerings at any time. Adjacent to the store is another Bib Gourmand-recommended eatery, Cheng’s Noodles, so take the Metro to Yangchengpu Station to kill two birds with one stone.

Yun Lai Fang
463 Zhongshan 2nd Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung
$$ · Taiwanese

Located at the busy intersection of Zhongshan 2nd Road and Lingya 2nd Road, this unassuming little restaurant has served up evocative, home-cooked dishes for the past two decades. The open-hearted, straight-shooting proprietress minces no words in providing suggestions according to the number of people and the dishes, ensuring every guest gets a balanced meal and a holistic taste of the menu. The restaurant is a five-minute walk from Sanduo Shopping District Station.

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Hung Chi Rice Shop
96 Liwun Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung
$ · Small eats

For a relaxing spot to rest and refuel with good local eats after a long day, Hung Chi Rice Shop is worth the visit. The contemporary store is bright, tidy, and spacious, decorated with amusing cartoon pig illustrations. The menu offers traditional Taiwanese snacks such as braised pork rice, pork trotter rice, fish ball soup, and various side dishes, all to be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere and at affordable prices. Arena Station is within walking distance.

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Beef Chief (Zihciang 2nd Road)
18 Zihciang 2nd Road, Cianjin District, Kaohsiung
$$ · Taiwanese

Kaohsiung is known for its warm and balmy weather, but come winter, a coolness inevitably slips in. This season is the best time to warm up the body with beef hot pot and hearty stir-fried beef dishes. Freshly slaughtered beef is carefully selected and delivered fresh from Tainan every day, and then cut by hand to ensure the freshest quality. The lively atmosphere makes the restaurant suitable for gatherings. It is within walking distance from City Council (Old Site) Station.