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Taiwan is the life pulse of Asia. Beautiful, colorful, and full of boundless energy, it offers a high-quality living environment enriched by a diverse abundance of culture, art and creativity. Taiwan is also an economic center in Asia, with a refined and rich quality of travel infrastructure and international service standards.
Taiwan values local traditions and embraces multiculturalism. From historic sites, cuisine and street food to folk customs and a modern mindset, the inherent culture and customs of Taiwan endure across time and space, undiminished by a changing environment. Taiwan is a land steeped in human warmth and a pure heart. Its people are friendly and hospitable, brimming with inimitable passion and charm.
We warmly welcome you to Taiwan and look forward to greeting you with our heartfelt care on a unique journey of a lifetime.



Blancpain is proud of its history dating back to 1735, making it the world's oldest watch brand. Over the centuries since itsfoundation, the Maison has maintained its commitment to innovate and has constantly pushed the limits of watchmaking. At Blancpain, the expression "Innovation is our tradition" is a fundamental guiding principle.
Our attachment to innovation is reflected each year in the development of new timepieces with innovative calibres, often a world's first. Most recently, in a little more than 10 years, our quest for innovation resulted in the creation of 43 new, in-house, exclusive and varied calibres.
In-house design and manufacturing of a significant part of the components and tools; fully handcrafted refined finishes, even down to the last detail: the strength of the Manufacture lies in our capacity to create timepieces that are at once innovative and respectful of the Swiss watchmaking tradition. This philosophy is reflected in each of our models and all ofour collections.


Official Whisky Partner

Mortlach, a legendary distillery with a history of 200 years, has made the single malt whisky of Mortlach always a rare product in the market because of its complicated 2.81 distillation process. Since the grand launch in Taiwan in 2018, it has always been favored by whisky lovers. Its rich meaty flavor is called the great advantage of the distillery by Scottish Blender, and it is an indispensable base for top blended whiskey.

The keys to success of Mortlach include the demanding craftsmanship and unique process of 2.81 distillation calculated with precise logic, which achieves the extraordinary flavor of the whisky that cannot be replicated. Just like Michelin guide-starred restaurants have genuine passion for service and quality to achieve customer satisfaction, and only keep striving for excellence in all of skills could restaurants earn the recognition of the gourmets around the world.


Official Cooking Oil Partner

ChefOil is imported from Europe and has high-level international certification. Just as the Michelin Guide selects top restaurants with 5 strict standards, ChefOil also selects top oils with 5 quality control mechanisms! You could scan the QR-code on the bottle, we publish all reports on the website. ChefOil provides consumers with low, medium and high temperature suitable oil products, which can be selected according to different cooking methods, let you easily cook top dishes at home!

Nespresso, as the choice of world-class chefs around the world and the pioneer for highest-quality portioned coffee, it embodies the luxury lifestyle values of quality, convenience and innovation, offering the ultimate coffee experience to coffee lovers all around the world and to exceed expectations of all Out-Of-Home customers by customized services. The unrivalled Nespresso ‘Trilogy’ unites perfectly portioned Nespresso coffee, which preserved the 900 or so different aromas of the freshly grounded coffee in the aluminium capsules, with smart and stylish coffee machines and exclusive personalized services. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 76 countries and has more than 13,500 employees and over 700 exclusive boutiques in the global network.

Evian Taiwan

Official Water Partner

evian®, a Danone brand, embraces the company’s One Planet. One Health vision that the health of the people and the health of the planet are interconnected and therefore seeks to protect and nourish both. evian® natural mineral water comes from the heart of the French Alps. For more than 15 years, it travels through the rocks, where it picks up minerals. Natural and uniquely balanced, evian® natural mineral water is a healthy choice throughout the day. The brand has been working for over 25 years to preserve natural surroundings of the source, in an effort to preserve evian® natural mineral water’s exceptional quality for generations to come. For more information please visit:


Preferred Premium Sauce Partner

Originated in the Edo period, Japan, Kikkoman has nearly 400 year history of soy sauce brewing. Kikkoman has endeavored to promote the tasty soy sauce globally, which has made it a well-known soy sauce brand in over 100 countries. In Taiwan, Kikkoman not only provides a variety of high-quality products, it also develops a series of events for chefs and consumers, expecting to enhance the food culture in Taiwan.