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MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2018 Selection

Guangzhou’s newly-launched guide sees eight restaurants with the one-star distinctions, 20 Bib Gourmand recipients and 35 restaurants with Michelin Plates.

The inaugural MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou was released today, making it the ninth MICHELIN Guide in Asia. Sixty-three of the city’s finest establishments made it into the guide, a showcase of Guangzhou’s rising restaurant scene and high culinary standards.

International Director of the MICHELIN Guides Michael Ellis says: “This very first Guangzhou selection highlights a great local gastronomic interest. In this city, the culinary scene reflects great talent in the kitchen, wonderful ingredients and a mastery of different flavors. In summary, Guangzhou has a wealth of astonishing restaurants with a strong and historical Cantonese background.”

One-Michelin-starred Bingsheng Mansion serves refined and innovative Cantonese cuisine.
One-Michelin-starred Bingsheng Mansion serves refined and innovative Cantonese cuisine.

Eight Restaurants With One Michelin Star

The MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2018 sees eight restaurants obtain the one-star distinction: Bing Sheng Mansion serves up innovative and refined Cantonese cuisine in its elegant 32-room restaurant where diners have the opportunity to taste some ingenius dishes. Bing Sheng Private Kitchen’s charming retro interiors provide the perfect setting for savoring the restaurant’s healthy seasonal produce-driven cuisine.

Jade River has made a name for itself over the years with its specialty meat dishes like steamed sunflower seed-fed chicken delivered straight from the farm daily. Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Jiang by Chef Fei, is a popular establishment in Guangzhou where the chef creates innovative dishes based on traditional Cantonese cooking techniques.

Lai Heen’s executive chef Gordon Guo uses top-notch ingredients in his unique take on Cantonese cuisine. Lei Garden (Yuexiu) pays utmost respect to traditional Cantonese cooking with its rich long-boiled soups and crispy roasted pork belly. The chefs of Wisca (Haizhu) use time-honored recipes handed down the generations to create the high-quality Cantonese cuisine that they serve their diners. The exquisite food at Yu Yue Heen is characteried by the chef’s skills and attention to detail.

Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton showcases top-notch ingredients in unique Cantonese dishes
Lai Heen at The Ritz-Carlton showcases top-notch ingredients in unique Cantonese dishes

Bib Gourmand: Fantastic Cooking For RMB200 Or Less

This edition also features 20 establishments with the Bib Gourmand distinction which recognizes restaurants which serve high-quality food at affordable prices. In Europe, a meal at a Bib Gourmand restaurant would cost no more than €36 per person, and in Guangzhou, RMB200.

In the inspection process, the Michelin reviewers unearthed a lot of charming restaurants, hidden addresses and small local shops. Among them are Tong Ji, a two-story restaurant with a history of more than 30 years, famous for its steamed chicken and stir-fried hor fun noodles and Ease (Tianhe), which presents a contemporary take on Sichuan cuisine.

35 Restaurants Recognized With A Michelin Plate

Two special prizes were given out for the first time in the inaugural edition of the guide in Guangzhou: Jian Ji received the Respectable Recipe Award for its E-Fu noodles which have been made in-house for more than 50 years using the traditional method and recipe, while Ze 8 received the Revitalized Cuisine Award for giving the traditional Guangdong claypot rice a refreshed modern expression.

In addition, 35 restaurants were awarded with a Michelin Plate which recognizes good cooking and fresh ingredients capably prepared, an indication of a good meal.

Download the MICHELIN China App (iOS / Android) to see the full list of restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Guangzhou 2018.

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