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Must-Try Pineapple Tarts and Other Lunar New Year Goodies from MICHELIN Guide Hotels in Singapore

Undeniably a seasonal staple in every Singaporean household, the auspicious pineapple tart is known to bring in fortune and sweetness as the Lunar New Year comes. Consider these iconic pastry creations, and other festive goodies, from these MICHELIN Guide hotels in Singapore.

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, preparations are on the way as households in Singapore celebrate the Year of the Tiger's roaring arrival. Tradition has it that sweet treats such as nian gao (traditional glutinous rice cake) and cookies are encouraged during the Lunar New Year as they signify ushering in a sweet life as the new year comes. 

And speaking of sweet treats, a sure sight on the celebration table is the Pineapple Tart. The auspicious pineapple, whose translation in various dialects is synonymous to prosperity, is caramelised and cooked down into a rich filling and baked with a sweet, buttery crust. Through the years, it has become a canvas for culinary creatives to showcase talent, blending tradition with modern touches.

Whether for gifting or for personal indulgence, explore and have a taste of these pineapple tarts and other interesting Lunar New Year goodies from these MICHELIN Guide hotels.

Raffles Hotel.png

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Available year-round, Raffles Hotel Singapore's Pineapple Tarts come in a set of eight and are individually packaged inside a rectangular pineapple-yellow box with a gold-embossed illustration of the auspicious fruit.

As an alternative, the hotel's boutique also offers handmade Pandan Kaya Tarts that feature local Singaporean flavours of coconut and pandan-flavoured kaya jam filling. Similar to the Raffles Pineapple Tarts, they are also baked in the same light and savoury butter pastry.

Find other Lunar New Year goodies at the Raffles Hotel Boutique such as Cereal Prawn Cookies, Bak Kwa (meat jerky) and Pork Floss Cookies, and an indulgent Raffles Tasmania Hand Caught Abalone. Shop their gourmet selection of Lunar New Year treats here.

InterContinental Singapore

InterContinental Singapore's popular Prosperity Pineapple Balls are back this year, with each glass jar encasing 20 of the round, pineapple-filled, butter pastries. Their round shape connotes harmony and balance, apart from the pineapple's auspicious representation of abundance and prosperity.

An array of cookies featuring green pea, cashew, and traditional kueh bangit are also available, along with a traditional gula melaka nian gao. Shop Lunar New Year treats at InterContinental Singapore here.
Shangri-La Hotel's pineapple tarts come in both Classic and Charcoal Yuzu variants. (Photo: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore)
Shangri-La Hotel's pineapple tarts come in both Classic and Charcoal Yuzu variants. (Photo: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore)

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Known for their unique and super-huat (prosperity) ingot-shaped signature pineapple tarts, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore has also created a Charcoal Yuzu Pineapple Tart that combines flavours of tangy yuzu with the sweet pineapple jam. Apart from the hotel's pineapple tarts, a selection of cookies, bak kwa, and other staple snacks that cheer on the Lunar New Year are also available.

Devoting an entire section to homemade nian gao, the sweeter selection features a Three Layer Nian Gao made with purple sweet potato, Japanese pumpkin, and coconut milk; and a Traditional Nian Gao made with Coconut Milk and Brown Sugar. Check out Shangri-La Hotel's Lunar New Year goodies, confectionery, and hampers here.

Four Seasons.jpeg

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Perfect for family celebrations or for festive gifting, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore offers 12 pieces of its intricate leaf-shaped pineapple tarts packed in a beautiful jade box. 

Also making a comeback are its Golden Kumquat Tart and Coconut Nian Gao, while making a debut in their range of Lunar New Year offerings are handcrafted Mandarin Crémeux Delights, Golden Walnut Coin Cookies, and, for an addictive savoury snack, Roasted Cashew Nuts with Seaweed and Caramelised Walnuts. Explore more of Four Seasons Hotel Singapore's festive gourmet goodies here.

Fullerton Hotel.jpeg

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Brought by The Fullerton Hotel's bakery, Jade, is its annual Lunar New Year specialty: Golden Peacock Pineapple Cookies. Handcrafted with top-notch quality butter and pineapple jam, each box comes with six cookies and requires an advanced order of three days.

Other highlights from its Lunar New Year selection include a Harmony Koi Fish Osmanthus Nian Gao, the hotel's signature Yam Paste Nian Gao Tarts, and a new Rose Water Chestnut Cake. Browse through The Fullerton Hotel's Lunar New Year goodies here.

Mandarin Oriental's Taiwanese-Inspired Pineapple Tarts are available in boxes of six and nine. (Photo: Mandarin Oriental Singapore)
Mandarin Oriental's Taiwanese-Inspired Pineapple Tarts are available in boxes of six and nine. (Photo: Mandarin Oriental Singapore)

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Reminiscent of Taiwanese pineapple cakes, Mandarin Oriental Singapore's signature pineapple tarts are made with a sweet-and-tangy pineapple filling and are encased in a buttery crust. Choose between the option of six or nine individually-wrapped pieces and convey well wishes of abundant blessings to loved ones.

Apart from the traditional nian gao, also consider some Lunar New Year inspired pastries such as The Treasures, crafted with raspberry sponge, berry compote, and mascarpone mousse with berry tea infusion; The Fortune, which is a crunchy choux filled with a pineapple and pink peppercorn compote as well as a vanilla soft ganache; or The Prosperity, which is made with clementine marmalade, yuzu mousse, and vanilla almond sponge. Browse more of the hotel's Lunar New Year offerings here.


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