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10 Uniquely Designed Hotels in Hong Kong & Macau

From a Star Ferry-themed boutique to hotels that teleport you to Paris and London, here are 10 of the coolest design hotels in Hong Kong and Macau.

Hotel design isn't a "one-size-fits-all" endeavour — and in the lively hospitality scene of Hong Kong and Macau, thinking outside the cookie-cutter box can pay off handsomely. The deliberate shift towards creating stylish and trendy hotels with a blend of aesthetics — from Japanese-Scandinavian cool to simple minimalistic charm, classic elegance, and even a dash of unbridled glamour — crafts unique and unforgettable experiences for every traveller.

Here are 10 hotels in Hong Kong and Macau with distinctive designs:

1. Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong

The phrase "east meets west" often gets tossed around these days, but at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, where the brand's 60-year legacy has witnessed the transition from British colonial years to the post-handover era, it's more than just a catchphrase — and this is reflected in its design. Imbued with a delightful fusion of Tai Pan and Verandan styles adorned with vintage Chinese artworks, the grande dame of the far east has stood the test of time, and welcomed icons from Princess Diana and David Bowie to Michelle Yeoh over the years. Though the hotel has seen multiple restorations since its inception, the signature oriental aesthetic has not been tampered with.

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2. The Fleming

Hong Kong

The Fleming, a stylish love letter to Hong Kong's Star Ferry, blends maritime vibes seamlessly in the heart of Wan Chai. Designed by A Work of Substance, the hotel creates a style that whispers tales of the 1970s industrial era and flaunts streamline moderne architecture. Its warm, inviting ambiance, reminiscent of fishing boats and temples, is brought to life with chrome-brass light fixtures, and the bathrooms channel art deco elegance, complete with apothecary-style toiletries and a scent that transports you back in time. With its fusion of industrial edge and modern charm, The Fleming is the irresistible siren call for those eager to dive into the evocative stories of Hong Kong's yesteryears.

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3. The Langham Hong Kong

Hong Kong

With all its grandeur and opulence, The Langham Hong Kong would’ve surely gotten Audrey Hepburn's seal of approval. A quintessential British masterpiece, famous for its sweeping grand entrance with sky-high chandeliers, ceilings adorned with hand-painted artistry, luxurious marble bathrooms, and neoclassical details at every corner, the hotel makes for some grand first impressions. Nestled in Tsim Sha Tsui, it boasts a harmonious symphony of golds and bronzes, a heartfelt nod to its London flagship lineage, complete with Art Deco design and an air of Old World grandeur. It's where British charm meets timeless elegance — and the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star would have felt right at home.

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4. The Mira

Hong Kong

The Mira is a dazzling, retro-futuristic gem that could easily moonlight as a movie set from Blade Runner 2049, thanks to its futuristic vibe that greets you at the undulating white entrance. Nestled in Tsim Sha Tsui, this hotel proudly holds the title of being the city's first member of the Design Hotels™ network, beckoning design-savvy travellers like moths to a stylish flame. The rooms are plush, boasting a Scandinavian style decor in an array of colours, complete with the iconic Egg Chair by Arne Jacobensen. The ballroom, designed by the celebrity party planner and lifestyle guru, Colin Cowie, is bedecked with 18 meticulously crafted Czech crystal chandeliers, LED lighting that can paint 25,000 different shades, and a futuristic audio-visual setup.

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Hong Kong

TUVE doesn't just take design inspiration from any old source — it borrows the moody magic captured in photographer Kim Høltermand's panoramas of Sweden's Lake Tuve. While the hotel's unassuming, dimly lit warehouse-like entrance might throw you off, it's all part of the sensory journey. As you ascend to the rooms, which are spacious and smartly designed, the play of light and shadows gradually unveils a brighter ambiance. With oxidised metal, marble, and wood grain, it's a minimalist's dream come true. The place exudes a hush-hush atmosphere, and the peaceful Tin Hau surroundings only amplify the sense of calm.

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6. Grand Lisboa Palace Macau


A newcomer joining Macau’s thriving hospitality scene this year is Grand Lisboa Palace Macau, which looks like it’s come straight out of the pages of a fairy tale princess novel. This grand venture by SJM Resorts on Cotai is a celebration of Macau's rich cross-cultural heritage, drawing inspiration from European neoclassical design. From the palace entrance to the European-style garden and the incorporation of traditional Chinese motifs, this ornate property is the epitome of grandeur, liveliness, and sheer luxury, offering a staggering 1,350 rooms and a level of hospitality and facilities that will make you feel nothing less than royal.

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7. MGM Cotai


You needn’t look far to find architectural marvels in Macau, and if you spot nine gleaming boxes, each bedecked in shades of gold — from yellow to white and rose — artfully stacked like exquisite jewellery boxes against the skyline, you've found MGM Cotai, the sister to the equally renowned MGM Macau. This integrated resort is home to the world's largest indoor LED wall, a centrepiece in its grand atrium, and boasts one of the city's most extensive permanent art collections.

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8. The Karl Lagerfeld


Envisioned by the late, great fashion icon known for revitalising Chanel and Fendi, The Karl Lagerfeld lives up to every inch of the namesake designer’s glamorous and fabulous reputation. Although Lagerfeld himself never had the chance to see it in person before his passing in 2019, his profound involvement in every design detail shines through. The hotel exudes sleek opulence with a distinctly fashion-forward and Chinoiserie-inspired design, alongside commissioned sculptures from Dutch artist Marcel Wanders and French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, and a stunning book lounge with 4,000 carefully selected volumes from Lagerfeld's Paris bookshop. The orchid motif, Lagerfeld's favourite, can be found across the property. Located within the Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau, it's conveniently close to luxury shopping — something Lagerfeld would’ve surely appreciated.

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9. The Londoner Hotel, Macau


Another opulent European-themed hotel to make its glamorous debut in the SAR region is The Londoner Hotel, Macau. This homage to the British capital is an extravagant showstopper, with iconic symbols galore: a life-sized replica of the Big Ben, a facade straight from Westminster, opulent Victorian interiors, a vintage red double-decker bus, a queen-worthy carriage replica, and even a Buckingham Palace-inspired "Changing of the Guard" ceremony. And while the lobby dazzles with opulence, the elegant minimalist rooms, courtesy of Steve Leung Design Group create a delightful contrast. Footie fans can book themselves in for a night at the exclusive David Beckham-designed suites.

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10. The Parisian Macao


Macau has a knack for bringing iconic city landmarks from around the world to Asia. Case in point: The Parisian Macao. Here, you can't possibly miss the half-scale, true-to-life replica of the Eiffel Tower. This homage to the City of Love and its rich history includes models of The Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, Fontaine des Mers, Place de la Concorde, Avenue Montaigne, and more. Guests are fully immersed in Parisian art and history, surrounded by delicate gilding, meticulous reproductions of 17th and 18th-century antique rugs, dazzling bronze and crystal chandeliers, and ceilings adorned with marble and trompe-l'oeil artistry.

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In the highly competitive hospitality sector of Hong Kong and Macau, properties are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, striving to carve a distinctive niche amidst the fierce competition — while looking ever so stylish doing so.


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