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Cutting-edge ‘Fun’ Dining At table65

Richard van Oostenbrugge’s Singapore outpost at Resorts World Sentosa will feature levitating creations and a visual feast to accompany his fine-casual cuisine when it opens on 28 December.

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Slated to open on 28 December is table65, the first overseas outpost by Dutch chef Richard van Oostenbrugge who used to helm Michelin-starred Bord’Eau Restaurant Gastronomique in Amsterdam. The latest jewel in Resorts World Sentosa’s trove of celebrity chef restaurants will take inspiration from the dining concept of van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot’s acclaimed Amsterdam restaurant 212, which sees a waiting list as long as three months since it opened at the beginning of the year.
table65 will take inspiration from the open-kitchen seating of restaurant 212 in Amsterdam (Pic: restaurant 212)
table65 will take inspiration from the open-kitchen seating of restaurant 212 in Amsterdam (Pic: restaurant 212)
Concrete Amsterdam, the award-winning architecture and design firm which was responsible for the interiors of restaurant 212, has also been appointed to design table65. An open kitchen eschews the formality of a typical fine-dining restaurant and invites guests to interact freely with the chefs. The restaurant offers 32 seats around the kitchen counter as well as intimate private booths and a private dining room for guests who prefer discreet service. A separate bar area where elegant tipples and desserts will be served offers 33 seats.
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Like 212, table65 will feature one long stainless-steel chef’s table from which guests can take in the spectacle of levitating creations followed by visual projections on the dessert at the bar area, a novel feature devised by the chef to accentuate the dining experience.

“For me, what counts is that people feel at ease when they sit down, that they really enjoy their evening. In order to do that, you need to keep on surprising people because fine dining is always the same predictable routine — the same service, the same sequence, the same behaviour,” says van Oostenbrugge. “I like to step out of that and do things differently while still serving up the highest quality of food.”

The kitchen will be helmed by several of the team from Amsterdam, making the experience as close as possible to that of 212’s without actually buying a plane ticket. “We are putting a whole team in place that have been working with us for a long time. Because of that it is now possible to do this and of course we want to show our best side,” he says. “We will try to stay close to our signature instead of running after the latest trends.”
Foie Gras Seaweed Broth Umeboshi (Pic: Resorts World Sentosa)
Foie Gras Seaweed Broth Umeboshi (Pic: Resorts World Sentosa)
At table65, guests can expect van Oostenbrugge’s signature contemporary European dishes like Os a Moelle veal tartare with smoked herring, bone marrow and cockles, and a salted caramel and walnut variation of his widely Instagrammed Green Apple dessert encased in a delicate sugar glass bubble. However, the chef has also created new dishes for table65 including the barbecued chicken skin with smoked eel cream and local vegetables, oyster with hazelnut, briny veloute, braised cabbage and salted lemon pearl, as well as couscous of basmati rice with Pierre Robert cheese and pistachio oil.

The five- and eight-course dinner menus are priced at $148++ and $218++ respectively while the wine menu features a collection of premium French old world labels and several vintages of 1st Growth Chateau from Bordeaux in France.
Langoustine Albufera, Coffee (Pic: Resorts World Sentosa)
Langoustine Albufera, Coffee (Pic: Resorts World Sentosa)
In time, van Oostenbrugge hopes to use more local and regional produce, and take a more vegetable-forward approach to his cuisine. “We will start with a lot of our signature dishes but more and more move to new dishes with products with are available in Singapore. I am very excited about this because I think it will push us to become better and better.”

8 Sentosa Gateway, Level 1 Hotel Michael, Resorts World Sentosa
To make reservations, please call +65-6577-6688 or email dining@rwsentosa.com.

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