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Michelin Guide Seoul Presents ‘La Cime’ X ‘Mingles’ Four-Hands Dining

‘La Cime’ Osaka X ‘Mingles’ Seoul to present a special collaboration dinner in March

It’s been a long winter – one of the coldest Korea has been through in recent memory. As Korea slowly transitions into spring, warmer temperatures and longer days are not the only things Koreans look forward to. The abundance of spring produce, not least the dizzying variety of seasonal greens that lure customers with their deeply herbaceous aroma at local markets, is a joy to behold and taste.

Come March, Michelin Guide Seoul will present a four-hands dining experience that brings together the culinary masterminds of Osaka’s two-Michelin-starred ‘La Cime’ and Seoul’s one-Michelin-starred ‘Mingles.’ The two-day event will unfold at Mingles in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, on Friday, March 9th, and Saturday, March 10th.

Yusuke Takada and Kang Min-goo, highly-respected chefs in each of their respective territories and beyond, will be utilizing some of the best local and seasonal ingredients Korea has to offer, to serve up ‘Springtime in Korea’ on a plate. The chefs will personally select all of the products and work together to create a special eight-course menu reflective of their individual styles while showcasing the delectable bounty of Korean spring. The four-hands dinner will also offer wine pairing selections by the sommeliers of ‘La Cime’ and ‘Mingles’ to complement the dishes. Four different wines—including one champagne—will be served throughout the meal.

[‘La Cime’ (Yusuke Takada) X ‘Mingles’ (Kang Min-goo)]

Price: KRW 300,000 (includes wine pairing)

Dates: 2018. March 9 (Friday) – March 10 (Saturday)

Time: March 9 (Friday) 1st round 17:30 – 19:30 / 2nd round 20:20 – 22:30

March 10 (Saturday) 1st round 17:00 – 19:00 / 2nd round 20:00 – 22:00

Venue: Mingles (Seoul)

Included: 8-course menu with 4 different wines



‘La Cime’ by Yusuke Takada

Located in Osaka, the French contemporary restaurant ‘La Cime’ – which translates to ‘the summit’ – is helmed by Chef Yusuke Takada. The restaurant, which strives to offer a first-class experience to diners in service, food, and space, received its first Michelin star within its first year of opening in 2010 and was elevated to a 2-star status in 2016.

Chef-owner Takada studied cooking in Lyon, France, and went on to hone his skills in a number of high-profile restaurants in Japan and France before opening ‘La Cime,’ currently regarded as the best French restaurant in Osaka. Never complacent, Takada continues to challenge himself with new styles of cooking, often through collaborations with local and foreign chefs.

2016 – 2017: 2 stars in the Michelin Guide Osaka

2010 – 2015: 1 star in the Michelin Guide Osaka

2010 – Opening of ‘La Cime’

‘Mingles’ by Kang Min-goo

Since it opened in spring of 2014, ‘Mingles’ has established itself as a favorite in the Seoul dining scene among both local and international gastronomes. Chef Kang Min-goo is a champion of blurring the boundaries of genre, where a plate of food is evocative of, say, Korean and Japanese, or Spanish and French, or all of the above, while still managing to respect the essence of local culinary tradition.

Now in his mid-30s, Kang built his career overseas in countries like the United States, Spain, France, and the Bahamas. His cosmopolitan background is reflected in the food he creates, which is an amalgam of flavors that are most familiar to local palates—the chef is highly respected for his creative application of fermented Korean condiments—and modern technique, that come together artfully to produce an experience only ‘Mingles’ can offer.

2016 – 2017 1 star in the Michelin Guide Seoul

2014 Opening of ‘Mingles’



4 kinds of Amuse-Bouche

<Rene Geoffroy Volupte Premier Cru Brut 2008>

Butter lettuce, lightly-fried fukinotou, pickled wild strawberry, dried shrimp & shitake vinaigrette

<Domaine Daniel Sage, La Voix du Periscope 2016>

Spring cockle with beef consomme, seaweed and cherry blossom
Conger eel Tempura aged in Makgeolli, chili & Gochujang

<Domaine Latour Giraud, Meursault Cuvee Charle Maxime 2015>

Vegetables from JH’s Farm & Seasonal fish
Beef sirloin & Crab, pressed shank, bone marrow, Parae gim

<Domaine Philippe Pacalet, Nuit Saint Georges 2011>

Ochazuke, semi dried-fish, katsuobushi, Jingkwang’s tea
Sweet Spring vegetable dessert
Warm red bean soup, yomogi, soy milk cream, lemon, caramel
Sweets & Shell ginger tea or bellflower tea

Reservation & Cancellation Policy

– Minimum 2 persons and maximum 4 people per table.

– The 8-course wine-pairing meal will be served with 4 different wines.

– Please keep in mind that wine pairing is included in the price.

– For inquiries regarding dietary restrictions or food allergies you may have, please call the restaurant prior to purchasing your ticket.

– Your reservation is confirmed when you purchase your ticket.

– Once your reservation has been confirmed, it cannot be altered. If you would like to make changes to your reservation, please cancel your purchase and repeat your online reservation from the beginning.

– Please be advised that tables cannot be pre-designated.

– We only accept cancellations (and offer refunds) 7 days prior to the date of your reservation.

– Please be advised that we do not offer refunds for canceled tickets purchased within six days of your reservation date.

– Please be on time.

– Smart-casual dress code.

This event has now ended. Check back shortly for updates on upcoming events.

Published  2018.02.15

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