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MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020 Selection

This year's guide features eight new one star restaurants, including three former Bib Gourmands.

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Michelin is pleased to unveil the new selection in the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020. Eight newly starred restaurants reveal young creative and committed talent. The highlight of the 2020 edition is that three former Bib Gourmands have been awarded their first star this year.

Restaurants De Librije (Zwolle) and Inter Scaldes (Kruiningen) retain their three stars once again this year thanks to the talent and inventiveness of their respective chefs, Jonnie Boer and Jannis Brevet, who provide each of their guests with a unique and exciting experience, taking the Dutch culinary scene to the top of world gastronomy.

The restaurant De Groene Lantaarn, which has moved to Staphorst and is run by chef Jarno Eggen, retains its two stars. "A culinary and human performance that once again demonstrates the strength and consistency of two-star restaurants in the Netherlands," says Werner Loens, director of the MICHELIN guide selection for the Benelux countries. "Dining at De Groene Lantaarn is a timeless experience that blends quality and creativity.”

The MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020 features eight new restaurants with one star. At Marrees, the Guide recognizes its excellent value for money. Reopened a year ago, chef Jan Marrees is a fine example. Driven by the expectations of his guests, he offers high-quality, tasty cuisine that delights all food-lovers in a new concept.

Excellent value for money is also the strong point of chef Hans Derks from Versaen (Ravenstein), whose Mediterranean and oriental influences elevate his cuisine.

The Netherlands delights in one of the most important and attractive multicultural culinary scenes. The restaurant Zout & Citroen (Oosterhout) whose chef, Bram Helleman, is known for his warm gastronomy, serves dishes prepared using spices from all over the world that bring a subtle balance.

Perfect harmony between food and wine is the philosophy of chef Herman Cooijmans and sommelier Robin Groos at Eden in Valkenswaard.

Tom Schoonus and Edwin Kats at Noble Kitchen (Cromvoirt) take their guests for an Asian-inspired culinary journey; their respective creativity produces innovative combinations in a friendly setting. While at Graphite by Peter Gast (Amsterdam) the atmosphere is deliberately more mysterious and intimate, the chef's creativity is just as unique.

Maastricht is home to two new starred restaurants in this 2020 edition. At its new location at the Dormio Resort, the Rantrée restaurant takes things up a level. Today, the contemporary finesse of chef Ralph Hermans guarantees a culinary experience not to be missed. Beluga Loves You, which needs no further introduction, has been awarded its first star under the management of new head chef Servais Tielman, whose talent shines in his personal creativity.

Commenting on the 2020 selection, Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the MICHELIN Guides, says: "This selection is marked by the cultural heritage of the Netherlands. For years, the Dutch culinary scene has a strong, high-quality identity driven by talented, committed young chefs who work with local seasonal produce both creatively and respectfully — a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

In addition to the starred restaurants, the MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020 names 17 new Bib Gourmand restaurants. The Bib Gourmand selection features high quality restaurants offering a choice of menus for less than 39 euros, where chefs develop authentic, unique dishes that feature seasonal produce.

Click here for the complete MICHELIN Guide Netherlands 2020 restaurant selection.

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