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Message from Gwendal Poullennec, international director of MICHELIN Guides

"Good morning, everyone,

First of all, on behalf of the whole MICHELIN Guide team, I want to express my deepest sympathy for the families and loved ones of the Covid-19 victims and a deep respect for those who are committed on a daily basis to curbing this pandemic.

Restaurants are all about sharing. But for now, and for an indefinite period of time, it will not be possible to go to these convivial places to admire the talent of the chefs and their team service after service.

We are well aware of the resulting drop or suspension of business. The lifelong dream of many chefs is being put to the test at the moment. I would like to express my full support for them during this tense moment that we all wish would end quickly.

As soon as possible, the Michelin Guide and its teams will return to devoting all their energy to guide gastronomes on their way back to your establishments.

Not only will our inspectors be among your first customers, but we will make sure to nourish our passionate community of gastronomes with your latest news and creations, and I will work to defend gastronomy with everything that I have.

A restaurant that closes for several weeks means a whole community will suffer. It not only is of course the staff of the establishment but also the market vendors, fishermen, farmers and all the other actors who depend on the restaurant for their livelihoods.

Some chefs have expressed their resulting fears about the implications on the next installment of the Michelin Guide. We are fully aware that this situation is unprecedented. Therefore, we will adapt to the circumstances to evaluate your restaurants in a fair and equitable manner once things have returned to normal.

The community of chefs is one of the most dynamic and close-knit in the world and I am convinced that it will be able to weather this storm together." 

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